Improve the performance of your website with Autoptimize. This is an open-source software. The WordPress plugin helps improve your website. The purpose of the plug-in is to optimize. It aggregates and minimizes the CSS and JavaScript on your site so it can load faster.

What is Autoptimize?

Autoptimize is a plug-in for making your website load faster. Users are very satisfied with this plug-in. Autoptimize is free and open-source. So well accessible. The plug-in makes it easy for you to optimize your site in terms of speed.

What does Autoptimize do?

In summary, Autoptimize collects and minimizes aspects that can slow down your website. Scripts and CSS can be deferred. This way, not everything loads immediately when the site is opened, but only when the visitor gets to the point of the site where it is needed.

There is also an Autoptimize Expert Configuration. However, this service is paid for. With the plug-in, you have to roll up your own sleeves to optimize your website with Autoptimize’s tools. The service you pay to have that done for you. A complete speed optimization from Autoptimize will cost you even more.

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Plugins/tools for WordPress


Impact on SEO

A faster website and better performance are important for SEO. These are 2 aspects that search engines pay attention to. They factor this into their ranking. That means a faster page will get you higher in search results. The same goes for stronger performance of your page or site.

My advice

Above all, get started yourself with the Autoptimize plug-in. Paying for the service in the absence of sufficient knowledge is an option. The thing is, you do need to update your website and for most effectiveness, you will be doing optimization more often. Then it can get expensive to outsource. There are also other plug-ins that cost you less money and still do a lot of optimization work for you.

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General tips

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Autoptimize?

Autoptimize is completely free opensource plug-in that allows you to make your website load faster. A very handy and accessible tool that helps you further optimize your website in terms of its speed.

What is the impact of Autoptimize on SEO?

Speed is an important point that search engines pay attention to when determining rankings. The faster your website is, the higher your ranking will be. In doing so, of course, you must not lose sight of the other SEO components.

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