Installed base

By Installed Base, we mean the number of items or installations actually in use. Usually, people are referring to software. This involves looking at how many computer programs are actually installed. So it is not about the number of copies sold. Because it may well be that not all programs are also in use.

What is installed base?

In the case of software, the Installed Base is the number of systems on which a particular software program or operating system is installed. The number of programs installed is easy to record, especially if the program can connect to the Internet. If you accurately register the installed base, you can prevent illegal copies of your program.

Importance installed base

With many items, the seller is only interested in whether he sells them. Whether the customer actually uses the product later is less important. With software, though, it is important to know whether a product sold is in use.

This is because a software developer must maintain his products to keep them secure. If the Installed Base is too small, it may decide to stop providing support. It is also interesting for other sectors to know how many products are actually in use. Consider machines that need maintenance after several hours of operation, or that require spare parts.

Installed base and operations

If you have a business that provides software or equipment, you want to know what the installed base of your products is for several reasons. This is especially interesting with regard to maintenance. For software, you might wonder if it is still necessary to update a program if there are few users. For equipment, for example, you want to know how many spare parts you need and where to send them or when a piece of equipment needs maintenance. You can sell this knowledge as a service.

My advice

It very much depends on what type of business you have whether you want to know the installed base. If you have a webshop in clothing, then it is not very useful to check how many of your sold garments are actually worn. But if you sell software or equipment that requires maintenance, then this knowledge can help you with part of your business planning. In that case, the installed base is part of your marketing plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Installed Base?

Installed Base indicates the number of installations or products in use. It is a mostly IT-related term. This usually involves software packages installed or the number of computers in use.

What is the impact of Installed Base on SEO?

The Installed Base does not impact SEO that much. It is an important fact, by the way. For example, as a software vendor, you do want to know what the installed base is if you are going to release new updates, for example.

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