Who is Ralf?

As of 2013, I am involved in search engine
optimization. From this point on, I have filled
several roles related to SEO. I started as an SEO
specialist at the fastest growing marketing agency
in the Netherlands. I then held roles as SEO
manager at a start-up and SEO specialist at an
international company (focusing on Asia and Europe).

I started as an SEO freelancer 11 years ago.
During this time as an SEO freelancer, I helped
more than 200 companies improve organic

For some of my projects, I remain in the consulting role. On other projects, I actually help implement (or support the developers in doing so). I also provide training and workshops in a variety of topics within SEO. During all my projects knowledge sharing is an important factor.

“With 11 years of specialized experience in SEO, I relieve the marketing manager and CMO with a results-oriented and transparent working method. Long-term results and accessible communication are central.”

Recognizable challenges

Do you and your organization recognize yourself in one of the following challenges? Please let me know on my contact page, I would be happy to think along with you.

  • Part of the marketing budget goes to Google Ads, now we want to make our expenses more sustainable with SEO (and become less dependent on Google Ads).
  • Our organization works together with an SEO party and this is/was not to your liking (this may be due to results or communication).
  • Due to a lack of time and/or knowledge, our organization is unable to implement a fully optimized SEO process.
Recognizable challenges
Google SERP

My vision regarding search engine optimization

I make websites primarily useful for visitors, not for Google. As an SEO specialist, I believe in accessibility and sustainability. To achieve this, I work with leading software. With this I map the website, market and competitors.

In concrete terms, this results in fast, user-friendly and easy-to-find websites. These websites also meet a high privacy and security standard (which Google attaches great importance to).

I speed up the website to increase conversion, not just for the search engines. Outsourcing link building is about increasing brand awareness and is done according to Google guidelines.


Are these parts all equally important? This varies per company. Technical SEO is conditional, SEO content determines the direction and link building is the symbolic driver.
The coherence of the components within the holistic SEO strategy is the secret of every SEO specialist. This coherence is determined per route based on the competition, the company’s objectives and the market potential.

With a solid strategy as a starting point, a company can be sustainably successful within Google. Every component of SEO comes into its own.

Search engine optimaliation