Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a principle whereby you, as a company, take responsibility for the impact you make through your business operations.

Corporate social responsibility is another name for sustainable business. It affects social (people), ecological (planet) and economic (profit) areas.

The importance of corporate social responsibility

Practicing CSR contributes to your company’s financial performance, especially in the long run. As an SEO agency, I deal with long-term strategies every day. CSR is on the same wavelength as SEO for this reason.

Sustainable business is not a project, it is part of the company DNA. I believe that CSR is not only good for society, but also for the growth of

At, I pay attention to making the internal processes more sustainable. For example, I don’t use paper. In addition, the website is linked to a green server. This means that this server runs on green power. CSR is an important part of