Hire SEO-specialist?

I am Ralf van Veen, an experienced SEO-specialist.

SEO-specialist with 8 years of experience

11 years SEO-specialist

Based on my 11+ years of specialized experience, I work in a result-oriented way.

SEO-specialist with a transparent method

Transparent & sustainable

As an SEO-specialist, I make a long-term impact on findability with a transparent and sustainable working method.

SEO-specialist without a permanent contract

Clear reports

I report the progress of the SEO process in an accessible manner.

Senior SEO-specialist with 11+ years of experience

As an SEO-specialist, I help companies with organic issues within Google. To do this I specialize in SEO content, technical SEO and link building. The expertise and experience I have gained in this process, ensure that I often quickly uncover the opportunities of a website.

What is an SEO-specialist?

As an SEO specialist, I improve the organic search results within Google with a sustainable, transparent and structured working method.

How do I work as an SEO specialist?

My work as an SEO specialist is never the same. This is due to both the diversity of the industries in which my clients are active and the substantive work with which I help these companies.
My work differs per client. For some of my clients, I take on the role of SEO-consultant. In addition to this role, I can also contribute to the final implementation. Depending on the wishes of the customer, I adjust my work.

Why am I convinced of the value of SEO?

The value of SEO is great for businesses for several reasons. Many optimizations are carried out for the improvement of organic findability, but also bring improved website speed, accessibility and increased brand awareness.
Achieving an intended position for a relevant keyword ensures a consistent flow of relevant visitors. These visitors are often already far into the customer journey, which means that the conversion rate is high. When the desired position is achieved, the company can benefit from it for years.
The combination of improved user-friendliness and a consistent flow of relevant visitors who are already at a far stage of the customer journey, that is why I am convinced of search engine optimization.

I've written about SEO for

Wij hebben als SEO-specialist geschreven voor Frankwatching
Wij hebben als SEO-specialist geschreven voor SERoundtable
Wij hebben als SEO-specialist geschreven voor Marketingfacts
Wij hebben als SEO-specialist geschreven voor Emerce
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I have worked as an SEO specialist for

Wij hebben als SEO-specialist gewerkt voor Vacanceselect
Wij hebben als SEO-specialist gewerkt voor Kruidvat
Wij hebben als SEO-specialist gewerkt voor Zivver
Wij hebben als SEO-specialist gewerkt voor Sendcloud
Wij hebben als SEO-specialist gewerkt voor Ista
Wij hebben als SEO-specialist gewerkt voor Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Wij hebben als SEO-specialist gewerkt voor NederlandFietsland
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Wij hebben als SEO-specialist gewerkt voor Synmar

My offer as an SEO specialist

I am hired as an SEO specialist for all kinds of different issues within my field. This varies from optimizing local findability for the bakery around the corner to large-scale SEO processes for international companies. As an SEO specialist, I offer the following services, among others:

Technical SEO by a SEO-specialist

Technical SEO

Conducting technical analyses, formulating strategies and realizing them. From providing guidance to development teams to technical implementation. Fast and safe websites: that makes me happy.

specialist SEO-content


I take care of the content from A – Z. After extensive keyword research, I write about the topics your target audience is looking for. I implement the content strategy in a structured way.

Link building by a SEO-specialist

Link building (off-site SEO)

Qualitative, relevant links with authority are decisive for the success of a link building campaign. Based on a solid strategy, I ensure that the right links end up in the right place.

Complete SEO-projects

Complete SEO processes

Strategically and operationally, I ideally work on both sides. This way I can be sure that the strategy is implemented correctly. It’s handy if the points found are actually implemented, right?

SEO-strategy by a SEO-specialist

SEO strategy / consultancy

Need a sophisticated SEO strategy? I’ll set it up for you. I have something for everyone: a technical strategy, content strategy, or do you prefer a complete, overarching strategy?

SEO-course from Ralf van Veen

SEO course

Prefer to get started with SEO yourself? Take matters into your own hands and learn how to make your company easier to find online in my SEO course. Guaranteed direct applicability.

The advantage of an SEO specialist

During my career as an SEO-specialist, I have already helped more than 200 companies with organic findability. Despite this, I can best explain the “why” behind search engine optimization (SEO) on the basis of this website. The benefits of an SEO specialist can differ for a company and depend on the industry, website and target group, among other things
My website is number one in Google for the keyword “SEO consultant”. Because of this position I am independent of outbound marketing. This brings a number of advantages:

1. The time I don’t spend on outbound marketing, I spend helping customers. I started as an SEO specialist, because I find search engine optimization very interesting and want to help companies with this. That is my passion and it feels like a party every time a customer reaches #1.

2. The people who fill out a contact form on my website are actually interested in SEO and are looking for an experienced SEO specialist. This allows for a certain level of lead qualification (and it’s always fun to talk to people who want to learn more about my field).

3. The positions within Google ensure a steady flow of qualitative visitors to the website. This results in savings in the marketing budget on the one hand and a sustainable marketing strategy on the other hand.

4. The optimizations that I make on my website also contribute to an increased conversion (think of good content and an accelerated website).

SEO-specialist positions

Hire an SEO specialist

Hiring the right SEO specialist is an important part of starting an SEO process. Start off the right way with an SEO specialist who supports you with technical SEO, SEO content and link building.
For an optimal result in all areas of search engine optimization, I recommend calling in a specialist for both the strategic and operational part.

Voor een optimaal resultaat op alle gebieden van zoekmachine optimalisatie, beveel ik aan om de specialist zowel voor het strategische- als operationele gedeelte in te schakelen.

An experienced SEO specialist has:

  • Een portfolio bestaande uit verschillende branches en referenties.
  • Ervaring met zowel nationale- als internationale bedrijven.
  • Communicatieve vaardigheden en is transparant over zijn of haar manier van werken.

Collaborations with customer

In my role as an SEO specialist, I see many interesting companies and concepts. Below I have described some of these collaborations. No two trajectories are the same, this is largely influenced by the objectives, website and means. The graphs below show the evolution of incoming referring domains. This data is publicly available (from Ahrefs), I can (unfortunately) not share substantive data in my cases.

What do I pay attention to as an SEO specialist?

Google’s algorithm bases the value of a website on more than 200 factors. These 200 factors can be divided into roughly 3 parts: technical SEO, SEO content and link building. As an SEO specialist, I closely monitor the development of these factors.

In addition, the landscape of SEO is constantly changing. Google updates its algorithm more than 500 times a year. This means that factors that are important at one moment are no longer taken into account the next.


Are these parts all equally important? It’s hard to say. This differs per website / industry. My opinion is that the technical SEO and SEO content are conditional for a good ranking. Link building is the symbolic motive and gives you the authority to move up in the SERP. It is important to create coherence.

This is done by testing the website and the market for various SEO factors. The results of this can be poured into an SEO strategy. I myself believe in a sustainable way of working. SEO must be able to pass the test of time.

One of the most striking advantages of SEO is being able to guarantee the continuity of a company. It is a very sustainable way of marketing. This fact can be exploited by building the (omnichannel) marketing strategy around it.

My vision as an SEO specialist

I make websites usable for visitors in the first place, not for Google. As an SEO specialist, I believe in accessibility and sustainability. To achieve this, I work with leading SEO tools. With this I map the website, market and competitors. In concrete terms, this results in fast, user-friendly and well-performing websites within Google.

These websites also meet a high privacy and security standard (which Google also attaches great importance to).

During my work as an SEO specialist, I mainly focus on the factors that work like a knife that cuts both ways. These factors don’t just contribute to the SEO of the website.

Concretized: I speed up the website in the first place for the visitor, not for the search engines. My link building campaigns are primarily about increasing brand awareness and are according to Google’s guidelines. The SEO content on the websites is created for the visitors, not for Google.

Success in Google with an SEO specialist

Achieving organic success within Google is difficult. In most industries there are many competitors who work structurally on SEO for years. In order to benefit from organic results for a long time, it is important to tackle this part together with an SEO specialist.

In addition to the expertise around the organic part of Google, it also provides a piece of security. Google has guidelines that a website must comply with. It is possible that a penalty is given to websites that have not been drawn up in accordance with these guidelines.

How does Google work?

Google’s ranking systems are the most advanced in the world. During the consultation of this, it can in a fraction of a second hundreds of billions of websites (in the search index). The algorithm of other major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo are years behind this algorithm.

Google is (excluding YouTube and Google Maps) with approximately 92.5% more than market leader. With this in mind, I focus most of my work on this search engine.

Here, Google explains how these ranking systems, with the set of algorithms that underlie them, work.

Crawl, render, index and rank

Google’s algorithm is one of the best-kept secrets in the world. It is really only broadly known how Googlebot (desktop) and Googlebot (smartphone) work.

First of all , Google crawls a page. A part of this page is indexed directly. From this index there are links to other documents (often from an HTML document referenced to HTML, CSS and JS files for more information.

These links enter the crawl queue. This is also the main method of Googlebot to discover new pages, it uses links as visitors do.

The JavaScript files are sent to the renderer. Google is currently the only search engine that can read (almost) all JavaScript frameworks. When the renderer has enough resources available, the JavaScript is executed and indexed. You can use a lot of JavaScript , provided that the website only focuses on organic visitors from Google.

Why is this process important?

Crawling, indexing, rendering and ranking is the core of SEO. Having knowledge about the finer points of this process is a prerequisite for sustainable success in the search engines. When this process is well understood, pages can also be optimized for this.

Based on this knowledge, I draw up targeted strategies that are in accordance with the actions of the Googlebot. The choices within these strategies ensure an accessible website, both for Googlebot and the visitor. During my optimizations as an SEO specialist, the user-friendliness for the end user is central.

As an SEO specialist, do I only focus on Google?

There are several search engines that have been created to make answering questions as accessible as possible. Google has easily had the largest market share for years.

Google’s algorithm is therefore the most advanced. The main reason for this is that they have been working on this for longer and have invested more money in this.

During my work I mainly focus on Google. The reason behind this is simple, when a website is optimized for Google, it is often also optimized for the other search engines.

Google’s algorithm is ahead of the others. The algorithms of the other search engines value approximately the same factors but cannot test them in the same way as Google.