Collaboration with Hoffelijk

Collaboration with Hoffelijk

Hoffelijk is a financial training company and provides professional development support to more than 25,000 people. The company has about 70 employees who can be described as enthusiastic, intrinsically motivated and professional. I find it a tremendously fun party to work with (I’m kindled by their enthusiasm!).

Samenweking met Hoffelijk

Een toename in organisch verkeer


Top-3 position for the 15 most important keywords


Market leader within Google in the Netherlands

The beginning of cooperation

For Hoffelijk, I first started working in June 2020. After setting up a clear SEO strategy (technical-SEO, SEO content and link building), I started immediately. The issue was simple; get higher up in Google and thus get more relevant visitors.

What did I do for Hoffelijk?

After creating the strategy, I started with a thorough (technical) analysis, keyword research and competitive analysis. From this, a number of clear points emerged:

Link building

No active work had yet been done on link building the company and increasing its online authority. This gave me a great opportunity to make improvements and create quality publications with relevant links to appropriate landing pages.

Technical SEO

Technically, I was able to make improvements in the area of Core Web Vitals (in human language: the speed and accessibility of the website).


In terms of content, I was able to make a lot of progression. The quality of the content was high, however, the size of the landing pages could be increased. It was also possible to increase the number of landing pages.

What was the result of the efforts?

Our combined efforts have resulted in more than 60 top-3 positions for competitive keywords. Many of these top 3 positions have an FAQ snippet which also brings in extra relevant visitors.

Resultaat van de inspanningen

Hoffelijk has its say

Cases | Hoffelijk

“Ralf lives up to what he says, he really is an all round SEO expert. For the past few months, he has been assisting us at one of our industries in the areas of technical SEO, SEO content and link building. In the process, he not only provided valuable advice, but also delivered several website texts. We are already seeing results in all areas; we are receiving reliable data, our visibility has improved significantly, we have better website texts and, as the icing on the cake, we are already receiving more orders. This makes us confident to extend the cooperation with Ralf and in addition to that to start working with the next industry! With Ralf you really make an investment in the future of your company. He shows a lot of initiative and knows how to put himself in the shoes of what is important for your company. As a result, you will receive valuable advice that is immediately applicable in practice. Ralf also constantly goes the extra mile, making you feel really seen and heard as a customer. In short, are you looking for a reliable SEO specialist who will deliver real results in the short term? Then Ralf is the specialist for you!”

Anouk Mulder
Project manager at Hoffelijk