My method for SEO

My working method as an SEO specialist is characterized as transparent, sustainable and result-oriented. A global overview of an SEO process is described below. In terms of content, my working method depends on many variables, I like to draw up a tailor-made strategy for every company.



Understanding the customer

In this phase I relate the company’s OKRs to the opportunities in Google’s organic search results. The outcome is the SEO strategy.

The goal of this phase is to understand what the possibilities are to roll out a successful process. I fully share both the process and the result with the customer.


Laying the foundation

During the first phase of the process I lay the foundation. This foundation in the field of measurability, SEO and monitoring contributes to sustainable results.

The advantage of this is that during the process the focus is on the activities with the highest impact.


Content Strategy

The target group orientates during its search in Google. Which keywords are used? What is the intention behind these keywords? How does the competitor respond to this?

The content strategy answers this With this strategy, we write targeted high-quality content that responds to the intention of the target group.


Technical SEO Strategy

Technical SEO is conditional for good findability. One mistake can be the last. In this phase I study the website and compare it with the guidelines of Google.

The outcome is a technical SEO strategy that is shared with the customer. I provide the cause, the effect and a solution for each finding.


On-page SEO

On-page SEO, the dividing line between technology and content. With on-page SEO we connect the searcher’s intention with the company’s offer and at the same time respond to the guidelines from Google.

Through this connection, we maximize the impact we make with the SEO process. The goal is to get relevant visitors to the website.


Monthly SEO Strategy

We use the prepared analyzes to draw up the monthly strategy. Compared to SEA, SEO takes a long time. To achieve the position of organic market leader, a monthly process is important.

The monthly increase allows the company to reap the benefits of the investment before reaching the OKRs.


Increase the authority

Increasing the authority counts in the final positions within Google. I increase the authority through qualitative link building in accordance with the guidelines of Google.

Link building is an important component of the monthly SEO. By working with this monthly, we increase the authority of the website within the market in the most natural and sustainable way.


Maintaining the SEO

The phase is an extension of phase 6. When the OKRs are reached, the goal shifts to keep the existing positions and expand them monthly.

Maintain the positions is accompanied by the continuous further expansion of authority through link building.