Collaboration with Sapje

Sapje, and the name says it all, is a party that specializes in selling delicious and very healthy juices. With Sapje you can enjoy a delicious (vegetable) juice every day and get all your daily vitamins. I am a fan of what Sapje does and who is behind Sapje. The cooperation is smooth and we keep the communication line open, transparent and fast. This has resulted in results that I am personally very proud of.

Samenweking met Sapje

An increase in organic traffic


Organic market leader in the Netherlands


1 position on the 10 most important keywords

The beginning of cooperation

My collaboration with Sapje has been going on for a while. Sometime in mid 2019, I got in touch with the company and Joel (the owner of Sapje) asked me to help think about the organic findability of the website (

The issue at hand was to increase the number of organic visitors by improving the positions of the most important keywords.

What did I do for Sapje?

I have worked for Sapje on every part of search engine optimization. This includes, technical-SEO, SEO content and link building. In brief, I performed the following work for Sapje.

  • I embarked on an ongoing technical journey in which I initially did a thorough analysis of the website and incorporated it in phases. I did this in consultation and collaboration with the developer involved with Sapje. As a result, the website is more user-friendly, faster and can be crawled more easily by Google.
  • In terms of SEO content, I write monthly articles and landing pages. With this I create qualitative landing pages with which the (top) positions within Google are obtained.

For Sapje, I obtained quality links from other websites. In choosing these websites, I looked at their relevance as much as possible. This has had a positive effect on the online authority of the website.

Complete SEO research conducted

At the start of this process, I fully screened the website for areas for improvement regarding SEO.

Link building

Parallel to the activities in the field of content, I am working on improving the authority within the market.

Writing SEO content

Every month, qualitative and relevant landing pages for SEO are prepared and presented on the website.

What was the result of the efforts?

The result of our efforts did not go unnoticed. With over 100 keywords in the top 3 (some of which have over 10,000 monthly searches), I now obtain thousands of organic visitors each week. I also see this result clearly in the conversion of the website.

Resultaat van de inspanningen

Sapje has its say

Cases | Sapje

“I would like to share my sincere gratitude for the extraordinary support you and your SEO agency have provided to Sapje. Your expertise and dedication have had a significant impact on our online presence, and we are very pleased with the results achieved. Your insight into e-commerce SEO has taken our webshop to new heights. Not only have we seen a noticeable increase in organic traffic, but also an improvement in the quality of our online leads. Your approach is results-oriented and tailored to the specific challenges of our e-commerce business, which has been invaluable to us. Another thing that struck us was your ability to explain complex SEO concepts in an understandable way. This helped us not only notice the improvements, but also understand their impact on our overall business performance. In short, working with you proved to be a worthwhile investment!”

Bas Grund
Digital marketing manager
Cases | Sapje

“Ralf and his agency did a great job helping us get the SEO strategy and execution right. For years we have been at the top of the search results and have been very successful in this area. I would recommend both large and small start-ups/scale-ups to work with UpAgency. Short lines, fine communication and a lot of knowledge. With good results as a result.”

Iris van Zwol
Marketing manager
Cases | Sapje

“We have been working with Ralf van Veen for many years and as a result our website has ended up in the top 3 with important keywords. We also have many number 1 positions. He gives excellent advice. Is always available and thinks with the customer. Very happy with him and his team!”

Joël Goudsmit
Owner of Sapje