Collaboration with Sendcloud

Collaboration with Sendcloud

Sendcloud is a fast-growing scale-up located in Eindhoven. The company now helps more than 20,000 e-commerce businesses by making the shipping process accessible. For this, Sendcloud has developed its own program. I am a fan of Sendcloud because it is a young, ambitious and accessible club. The company contains a lot of knowledge about online marketing (read: Iris works at Sendcloud), so the contact went smoothly.

Samenweking met Sendcloud

A 32% growth in SEO across 6 countries


Top 3 positions for relevant keywords


A complete international SEO strategy

The beginning of cooperation

Work for Sendcloud began in late 2018 – early 2019. I was approached by Iris, the marketing manager at Sendcloud. Currently, Sendcloud had about 7 websites with different TLDs (top-level domains). The websites were set up for different markets within Europe (think Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands).

Wat heb ik voor Sendcloud gedaan?

This time I was not approached for a monthly optimization project where I would also take on the operational tasks. This time it was a strategic consulting assignment to help the in-house developers improve technical-SEO. There were a number of main lines within this international and technical issue:

  • There are 7 websites live. How can I make sure that all these websites are connected (also for Google)? How to increase the SEO power among different websites in a responsible and elegant way.
  • What is the status of the technical-SEO of the individual websites? Do they meet Google’s latest guidelines?
  • What is the state of on-page SEO and targeting across websites? Do you see any opportunities for improvement here?

International SEO (analysis)

In the first phase of the process, a complete investigation into the international SEO of the websites was carried out (7 websites).

Link building

Together with Sendcloud we started working on increasing authority through qualitative link building.

Complete SEO research

A complete SEO strategy has been drawn up for Sendcloud for the 7 websites (aimed at the EU market).

What was the result of the efforts?

Sendcloud already received many visitors on the different domains. My efforts have fortunately been able to contribute to this. I saw a 32% increase in organic visitors (averaged across websites). Because of the technical changes (resulting in a faster website) that I incorporated, I also saw an increase in conversion.

Sendcloud - Resultaat van de inspanningen

Sendcloud has its say

Cases | Sendcloud

“Ralf helped Sendcloud with the SEO optimization of our website. This included 6 international domains, each of which he analyzed and made recommendations for improvements. Ralf responds quickly and is also a good sparring partner. He shares his knowledge, making the whole team smarter. Partly thanks to Ralf’s help we managed to increase our traffic from SEO by 32%. Thanks for the great cooperation!”

Iris Dings
Marketing manager at Sendcloud