Editorial guidelines

Editorial guidelines

My priority at RalfvanVeen.com is to share my experience in the field of SEO and thereby make organizations more self-sufficient in their online marketing activities. These editorial guidelines form the basis of writing and publishing content on my website.

Editorial guidelines

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Editorial guidelines

The editorial team at RalfvanVeen.com and Up Agency (consisting primarily of Ralf van Veen) is committed to providing accurate, inclusive and useful content that inspires and serves all readers. Editorial principles and practices guide the way I source, report, write and edit stories. I follow a rigorous fact-checking process and correct errors completely and immediately.

Editorial independence is a core value. My editorial opinions, recommendations and product reviews are not influenced by business partners, internal or external.

I am building an editorial team that reflects my diverse audience (often organizations) and their various online situations. I welcome and encourage experiences and viewpoints that best help me connect with my readers, answer their questions and earn their trust.

My main principles

All readers are entitled to balanced, complete and accurate information. My written content promotes more equality in knowledge in SEO (and online marketing) and strives to help all readers work on this independently.
My sources are diverse, reliable and themselves contain much authority within the market. For some articles, I share my own experiences within the market and in the field of SEO. I try to substantiate the claims made in articles as best I can with these sources.

Editorial independence

The views in my product reviews (often tools on SEO) are solely editorial, based on thorough research, review and comparison with similar products.

Product reviews are objective, factual and based on the actual characteristics of the products. I do not use affiliates much for this. My goal is to inform as well and broadly as possible around the capabilities of the tools within the market SEO.

Fact checking and correction

All editorial content is checked for accuracy, timeliness and relevance. I strive to ensure that the information in each article is current on the article’s publication date. The content is carefully fact-checked.

If I make a factual error, I post a correction to the article where the error occurred. Readers can contact me at ralf@ralfvanveen.com to report errors or register complaints.