Marketing tools

Marketing tools or marketing instruments are any resources you can use to promote a product or service, a brand or your business. These can be programs to design a commercial or ad, as well as the analytics that allow you to measure the success of a campaign. For online marketing, marketing software packages are available to simplify promotional activities.

What are marketing tools?

Marketing tools are all the tools a marketer uses to bring products, services, brands or a business to the attention of the target audience and to generate leads. There are numerous tools available, off and online. There is a tool for every marketing challenge, whether you want to host a sales webinar or set up a sales funnel.

The most commonly used online marketing tools

For online marketing, there is a huge selection of tools you can use to simplify your work as a marketer. Very well known are tools to simplify online collaboration, think of Office365 for example, in which all online activities are collected. But you can also choose separate tools such as Slack for project consultation and Google Drive for sharing documents.

Numerous tools are also available for creating content. Mailchimp for email marketing and Trello for planning your content. A keyword research becomes child’s play with Ubersuggest and you analyze your Google Ads campaign with Google Analytics.

Marketing tools and SEO

You can also find good tools online for optimizing your website. For example, you can use the Hotjar tool to find out at what point visitors to your website do not convert. You can use this tool to create statistics about your website visitors. It also allows you to create a feedback button on your site. Many people use WordPress to set up their websites.

Within WordPress, you can use Yoast for free for standard SEO activities. You can use this to enter titles and meta data, for example. One of the most widely used CRM systems is HubSpot.

My advice

As you can see, there are countless marketing tools you can make use of to make your marketing activities easier. If you are a beginner, it is wise not to use overly sophisticated tools right away. If you choose a broad tool that allows you to perform more functions, it can be advantageous because you won’t have to learn to use a new program each time. On the other hand, if you are looking for one specific position, you can do a targeted search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Marketing Tools?

Marketing tools are tools that a marketer uses to bring a brand, product, service or company to the attention of and particular target audience in order to generate leads. For every marketing activity, there is a tool that can support the marketer in this regard.

What is the impact of Marketing Tools on SEO?

There are several tools available online that you can use in optimizing your site. One example is Hotjar, which gives you insight at what point your site’s visitors fail to convert and can also give you statistics about the visitors.

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