Do you have a business that wants to optimize the user experience of your website? Then Contentful may be what you’re looking for. Contentful is a platform dedicated to supporting businesses. Thus, the company saves time while still investing in experience optimization.

What is Contentful?

This is not to say that with Contentful you are handing over the management of your website. The platform is to support content creators, editors, designers and marketers. Contentful differentiates itself by letting you manage content across channels. So not just your own site. Other sites or platforms as well.

Features of Contentful

The Contentful platform is not just supportive in distributing your content. Other features that come with the platform include blueprints. Based on Contentful’s experience, these will be created. Those blueprints can be used for your content strategy. Because content and presentation are separated, it is easy to distribute content on different channels in an appropriate way.

Even those who are not very strong technically can get along with the Contentful platform. You only have to write the content once and then you can easily publish the content on your various channels.

Contentful _ Glossary of terms

Impact on SEO

Contentful is a platform that particularly helps with customer experience and customer loyalty. The presence and consistency of content across channels gives a sense of reliability and availability to customers. Indirectly, this provides benefits to the SEO. Directly, Contentful does not affect SEO. The goal is to optimize the experience for the user rather than to increase search ranking. A successful website with many visitors does provide SEO benefits in the long run.

My advice

Contentful is a good opportunity to manage your content across channels. Contentful itself claims to be the market leader in their industry. Overall, users of Contentful are satisfied. It’s a sensible investment for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contentful?

Contentful is a platform that can offer you support. Managing your website will not be out of your hands with contentful. The platform differentiates itself by letting you manage content across different channels. Not only your own website but also other platforms and other websites are managed.

What is the impact of Contentful on SEO?

Contentful indirectly provides benefits for your SEO. You can manage content with contentful well across various channels. Contentful especially helps with customer experience and customer loyalty. The consistency and presence of all your content gives a sense of confidence. Content that is available to your customers gives you advantages.

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