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Creating a fast website? Among other things, a low Speed Index is very important in this case. What is a Speed Index and why does it play a big role in your website? You can read about that here!

What is Speed Index?

Speed Index is a measurement tool for a Web site. It determines the loading time of visible parts on the page. Lighthouse, Google’s open source tool, provides these and other metrics to measure and improve a Web site’s performance.

The importance of a low Speed Index

The metric Speed Index is one of 6 ways you measure a website’s performance. Speed Index measures the time it takes for the visible parts of a page to load. Lighthouse gives you insight into a page’s Speed Index: it calculates the visual progression between various frames. With Speed Index, the shorter the time, the better.

Speed Index is one of the metrics that carries the most weight, along with Time to Interactive (TTI) and First Contentful Paint (FCP). Among other things, Javascript is a possible reason that the load time for visible parts of a page is high. Loading unnecessary JavaScript files takes extra time.

Speed Index _ Glossary

The impact of Speed Index on SEO

The Speed Index certainly has an impact on the SEO of a website or page. Speed is an important factor in SEO and with improving the Speed Index, along with the TTI and FCP it is possible to optimize the website. One way to do this is with Lighthouse, the open source tool that offers these metrics. This will give you insight and opportunities to make certain changes.

My advice

We recommend using Lighthouse to gain insight into the Speed Index and other important issues that affect ranking in search results. Among other things in the use of Magento 2, Lighthouse is definitely recommended. A developer knows good solutions for improving scores, for example, through modifications in JavaScript.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Speed Index Lighthouse?

Speed Index is an open-source tool from Google that can be used to measure and improve a website’s performance. Among other things, Speed Index lets you determine the load time of the various visible parts of a Web page.

What is the impact of Speed Index Lighthouse on SEO?

Performance is an important component in SEO. With Speed Index Lighthouse, you can measure and improve them. The better your website loads, the higher the ranking Google will give your site in search results.

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