What is it?

A permalink is the full URL. It consists of your domain name and an add-on. The addition indicates the exact location where a visitor is located. It is the URL that visitors see when they move through a site. The name comes from the word “permanent. Permalinks are therefore permanent, even if the content on the web page is updated.

Consequences of changing permalinks

It is crucial to be careful when changing permalinks. When you want to change a permalink, it must be done carefully. It is important to make the new link refer to the correct web page. It happens that referencing from the new permalink leads to an old or nonexistent page. The visitor does not see the correct page or gets a “404 page not found” message. This is not conducive to website usability. Thus, it is crucial to have permalinks correctly point to each other in case of a permalink change.

Permalink | Glossary of terms

SEO and permalinks

Permalinks are among one of the factors Google uses to rank a website. A permalink should be structured and clear to the visitor. It is important to reflect the title of a web page in the permalink. This gives a good indication of the content found on a web page.

The URL should be concise and clear. This is important because Google must be able to read and accurately index the permalink. Google’s guidelines emphasize two points:

  1. URLs with a structured hierarchy are easier to crawl.
  2. URLs that contain relevant keywords rank better.

Hierarchy refers to the steps a visitor takes on a Web site. First the visitor sees the landing page, then clicks through to a web page with a different topic. The URL then shows the route by which the visitor found the topic. Within SEO, this is also called “breadcrumbs. This is a breadcrumb trail that shows the path the visitor took. With this, you give the visitor overview and peace of mind.

Optimize Permalink

Thus, it is important to structure the permalink as concisely and clearly as possible. When the permalink is optimized, it has a positive effect on the online findability of the web page or website. Google indexes the web page or website. With this, Google determines the ranking of the web page or website within the organic search results. This leads to more organic traffic. It is therefore important to optimize the permalink!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a permalink?

A permalink consists of your domain name and an add-on. In fact, a permalink is the full URL. The addition shows you the exact location of the visitor. Visitors only see the url as they move through the site. Permalinks remain permanent even after content starts getting an update.

What is the impact of Permalink on SEO?

Permalinks are one of the factors that google uses to rank your website. For the visitor, a permalink should be clear and structured. You can do this by reflecting the title in the permalink. It will give a good clear indication of all the content on the web page.

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