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Customers leaving comments under a post on social media or people contacting for service under a forum are all ways to use websites and social media properly. Unfortunately, comment spam is also common. What is comment spam and what do you do about it? You can read it here!

What is comment spam?

Comment spam is a term for pointing out unwanted messages on websites and social media. Using comments (responses) to a post or message in a disruptive way, it is comment spam.

Unwanted messages in practice

The posting of unwanted messages has only increased with the advent of social media. There are several ways that comment spam occurs on websites or social media today. Some examples:

  • Comments to influence the opinions of others in a negative way;
  • Links to websites that spread viruses;
  • Posting random comments that do not add to the conversation;
  • Hurtful responses to a post or to others’ responses under a post.

It’s not always easy to avoid comment spam. It is especially advisable to keep checking the messages and make certain settings to keep comment spam to a minimum.

Comment Spam _ Glossary

The impact of comment spam on SEO

Comment spam potentially negatively impacts the SEO of a website or page, so it is important to counteract it as much as possible to the extent possible. Negative expressions about a post or toward other participants in a conversation are distracting, but it is even more annoying when it involves links to spyware or viruses: this has no positive impact on SEO at all.

My advice

We recommend avoiding comment spam as much as possible. These include limiting the use of links in a post, creating a list of words not allowed to be used in posts and adding an option that allows other users to rate comments as spam, making it easier to delete them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Comment Spam?

Comment spam are unwanted messages on social media or websites. For example, this could be a disruptive and unsubstantiated response to a particular post.

What is the impact of Comment Spam on SEO?

Comment spam can have a negative impact on the SEO of your site or page. So try to counteract this, as far as you can, of course. In any case, keep a close eye on them.

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