In this article, we discuss the concept of akeyword. In Dutch, “keyword” is known as “search term. By using relevant keywords in content of your website, this exerts a positive effect on the ranking of your website within Google’s search results. How do you make the best use of keywords and what can they do for SEO?

What is it?

A keyword is a search term entered into Google. This keyword, or a combination of several keywords, arises from a search intent. This search intent can be exploratory or transactional in nature. It is important to be clear what the search intent of the searcher is. This information leads to accurately addressing the searcher’s needs. When the content on the website closely matches the needs of the visitor, Google sees this. The landing page or website is displayed faster when the search term is searched.

Thus, it is important to optimize the content on the website. Its purpose is to provide the right information to the searcher. Therefore, the trick is to track relevant keywords and incorporate them into website content.

Types of keywords

There are different types of keywords, namely short tail keywords and long tail keywords. We discuss them briefly.

  • Short tail keywords: keywords that are general in nature. These are generic keywords, such as “women’s shoes. Short tail keywords tend to be associated with high search volume. However, this also means that there is significant competition present on this keyword. Short tail keywords generate 30% of total organic traffic. Therefore, it is important, but it is even more important to use long tail keywords.
  • Long tail keywords: keywords that are specific in nature. An example is “ladies ankle boots size 39 sale. They are longer and specific words than in a short-tail search. Long tail keywords consist of 4+ words. There is generally lower search volume. This creates significantly less competition than short tail keywords. With this, there is a greater chance that your website will connect to the long tail keywords. When the search result specifically matches the query, the searcher will be inclined to click on your website. This creates more organic traffic.

All in all, it is important to be aware of the search intent of the searcher. This allows keywords to closely match content to desired information. To accomplish this, it is important to conduct keyword research.

Keyword | Glossary

Keyword research

A keyword study means examining certain keywords and their effects on search results. Effects such as search volume and the level of competition on the keyword. There are several keyword tools that are used while analyzing keywords. These include or Ahrefs.

Keep in mind that the goal of your website is to lead visitors to its products and/or services as pleasantly and easily as possible. It is critical to respond to the search intent behind the query. Excessive use of keywords does not improve the usability of your website.

Choose relevant keywords carefully and incorporate them naturally into your content.

This enhances the usability of the website. Quality content that matches relevant keywords contribute to website usability. Thus, it exerts a positive effect on the website’s position within search results. Conducting keyword research takes ample time. Outsourcing keyword research to a specialist is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a keyword?

In Dutch, a keyword is a search term. This is a word used in Google to search for something (hence the name keyword). Keywords are used in search engine marketing to buy ads for or optimize landing pages for.

What is the impact of Keyword on SEO?

You have two types of keywords, shorttail and longtail keywords. Shortail keywords are general keywords on a particular topic. The number of hits is high, but so is the competition. Therefore, always combine with long-tail keywords. These are specific word combinations, where the volume is lower but you also have much less competition here. If you get this right, your website will be found much better.

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