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Loading a Web site is fast, but even faster loading times are probably possible. Remove unused JavaScript is one piece of advice in this case. What is Remove unused JavaScript and how do you find out about this problem? We explain it to you here!

What is Remove unused JavaScript?

Remove unused JavaScript is a recommendation that a program like Google PageSpeed Insights may give when you have your website’s content analyzed. Removing unused JavaScript may be one way to improve a Web site and make it faster.

The disadvantage of redundant JavaScript on the website

When you open a Web site, as a user you don’t see what is going on at the “back end” of the Web site. This is where the loading of the complete website takes place. This goes fairly quickly, but it also happens that it takes a little longer. This is annoying to the user of a website, and chances are that the user will leave the web page for another website.

Redundant JavaScript is among the possible causes. This is a programming language that makes the Web page interactive through code. The browser checks all code on the site; including code that is not in use. This takes extra time and may cause longer loading times.

Remove unused JavaScript _ Glossary

The impact of Remove unused JavaScript on SEO

Remove unused JavaScript in potentially impacts the SEO of a website or page. It causes the browser to check a website faster which also makes it load faster. However, removing unused JavaScript does not guarantee a fast Web site: loading speed depends on many more things.

My advice

Removing unused JavaScript is one of the ways you may make your Web site faster for both users and the search engine. We recommend using Google PageSpeed Insights. This program analyzes the content of your website and gives the message “Remove unused JavaScript”: based on this, you will get the necessary advice on how to handle it. Can’t figure it out? Then it’s always possible to bring in a developer or programmer to pick this up for you.

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