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Making a website load faster is an important step in improving SEO. One possible piece of advice to achieve this includes Lever graphics in modern layouts. What is Lever graphics in modern layouts and why is it so important? We will answer these questions and provide you with actionable advice as well!

What is Lever graphics in modern layouts?

Deliver images in modern layouts is advice you may get when analyzing a Web site. It says something about an image’s file size and helps improve the loading speed on your site.

The importance of modern layouts for images

There are several file formats you can use to save an image on your website, such as PNG, JPEG, WebP and more. Saving photos in a certain file size greatly affects the speed of a page. Certain formats are larger in file size and this is therefore detrimental to your website: it may take longer for everything to load. JPEG files have a smaller file size than PNG, and therefore it is smart to avoid PNG when using images for your website.

Other image formats such as JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP offer better compression than both JPEG and PNG. This means faster downloads and less data consumption: both good for your website’s loading speed.

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The impact of Lever images in modern layouts on SEO

Deliver images in modern layouts is sure to impact the SEO of a website or page. A search engine like Google certainly pays attention to the speed of a page: this makes a site attractive for a higher position in search results. Adjusting image file formats may reduce data consumption and load time. This is certainly an important part of an SEO strategy.

My advice

Have you used a program like Google PageSpeed Insights? Then chances are you’ve been advised Deliver images in modern layouts. How do you arrange this?

We recommend looking at the current file formats of your images and adjusting them. Are you using WordPress? Then a WebP file is not yet possible, it is recommended to install a plugin for this. Wix already offers the ability to load your images into WebP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “deliver images in modern layouts” mean?

Deliver images in modern layouts is advice you might get if your website is analyzed. It tells you something about the file size of a particular image. It helps you improve the performance of your website.

What is the impact of Lever Images In Modern Layouts on SEO?

The tool helps you improve the performance of your site. Well-run and fast websites are usually rewarded by Google with a higher ranking in search results.

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