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It is common knowledge that links are a crucial factor in the indexing performed by Google’s crawlers. What about anchor text links? In this article, we will tell you what an anchor text is and discuss what it can do for SEO.

What is an anchor text?

You’ve probably seen a direct link to another page or Web site in some Web text. The link is often a word and colors differently from the rest of the text. This word is called anchor text or anchor text. It is the word in a text to which a hyperlink is linked. The text that visitors can click on can consist of one or more words. (1)

An anchor text is chosen so that it is clear to the visitor where the hyperlink points to. It is important that it is clear what kind of information they can expect through the hyperlink. For example, consider related articles that can be reached in the text via a hyperlink by the visitor. A link should be meaningful and preferably contain a search term. This way, the search engine understands what the host page is about.

Anchor text and SEO

An anchor text affects the findability of your website. For example, by using keywords as anchor text, Google is going to value your page more. This is conducive to the organic findability of a website. The anchor text contains the words Google uses to index your web page. Google takes these words as an indication of what to see on the follow-up page.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an anchor text?

An anchor text is a word and a hyperlink is usually linked to it. A visitor who goes to your Web site can click on that word and be directed to another Web site. The anchor text can consist of one or more words and turns blue after linking to a hyperlink.

What is the impact of Anchor Text on SEO?

It is important for your SEO to make anchor texts well-defined. It is best to keep an anchor text as concise as possible. An anchor text must be relevant to google otherwise they have no value. An anchor text should properly represent information that is findable on a follow-up page.

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