Encode images efficiently

Do you have your website analyzed for content and loading speed? One piece of advice you may get is “Code images efficiently. What is Coding Images Efficiently and why is it so important? We discuss this in detail here.

What is Coding Images Efficiently?

Code images efficiently is advice you may get when analyzing your website. It is a recommendation for customizing images on your site so that you can

The usefulness of coding images efficiently

In all likelihood, you have images on your website. The browser must load these images for the user of the page in question to see them. These images may not load optimally: this takes extra time and is detrimental to both the visitor and the search engine.

Encoding images efficiently is a smart way to reduce file size, which reduces the time it takes to load. This provides a faster loading time. The advice Coding Images Efficiently gets from a program like Google PageSpeed Insights, among others.

The Impact of Coding Images Efficiently on SEO

Coding images in an efficient manner is potentially impacting the SEO of a website or page. This action by itself may not necessarily make much of a difference immediately, but it is possible that this, along with other changes, will provide a better loading speed on the website. Do you have many images with high file sizes? Adjusting this then possibly definitely improves loading speed. This, in turn, potentially makes for better SEO.

My advice

It is very important to optimize your website in small ways, so that you will ultimately benefit greatly from this. Encoding images in an efficient way is one of these small changes that make a difference on a large scale.

We recommend following PageSpeed Insights’ advice and coding images smarter. You do this by saving the images in a lower quality. For example, choose normal or high quality, not maximum quality. The file size of the image decreases without showing any of this on the website. It may provide a faster loading time for your website though!

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I’ve written so much about speeding up websites and everything involved that I like to divide it into different sections; general, tools, speed improvement points and tips. Feel free to see and consult all the links below to learn more about tools and tips for speeding up your website.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does What does “encode images efficiently” mean?

Coding images in an efficient way is a piece of advice you can get while analyzing your website. Efficient encoding is a smart way to reduce file sizes of images. Load time is reduced and your pages load faster. Customizing images is recommended to you.

What is the impact of Encode Images in Efficient Way on SEO?

It can have a potential impact on the SEO of a website or page. The action does not have to make much immediate difference. Encode images in an efficient way provides an improvement in loading speed. That can make for potentially better SEO. You get benefit optimization.

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