Avoid multiple page redirects

There are many factors that affect the loading speed of a website, and Avoid multiple page redirects is one of them. What is Avoid multiple page redirects and what is possible when following this advice? This page will give you all the answers.

What is Avoid multiple page redirects?

Avoid multiple page redirects is a possible advice you will get when you have your website analyzed. This advice says something about the loading speed of the website: using too many redirects causes delays in loading time and this is well solved.(1)

The use of detour

Do you want one URL to point to another URL? Then it makes sense to use redirects on your website. You use these redirects when you move or delete a page on your site. Using redirects is not wrong and just possible, but they may cause delays in the loading time of your website.

Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the programs that gives the recommendation Avoid multiple page redirects. Therefore, it is important to use redirects only when necessary so that you sacrifice loading speed as little as possible.

The impact of Avoid multiple page redirects on SEO

Avoid multiple page redirects does not have much impact on the SEO of a website or page. However, it is one of the ways you improve the loading speed of a website. Therefore, using too many redirects is not recommended. Following this advice and possible other advice is one way to improve website speed: possibly making your website more attractive to the search engine and thus your SEO.

My advice

We recommend not using too many redirects. Use them only when really necessary, but avoid this as much as possible. This is the only way you follow this advice. When Google PageSpeed Insights gives you multiple recommendations, it is also definitely advisable to follow them to improve the loading speed of your website.

The most complete book on website speed

I’ve written so much about speeding up websites and everything involved that I like to divide it into different sections; general, tools, speed improvement points and tips. Feel free to see and consult all the links below to learn more about tools and tips for speeding up your website.



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