Visiting a Web site these days is almost blind, but there are many changes going on. The use of http: for your website may not be so up-to-date. What exactly is http: and how smart is it to use it today? We are happy to explain this concept to you here!

What is HTTP?

HTTP is a term that appears at the beginning of a URL on the Internet. HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol: this makes you see web data on your screen. HTTP is different from HTTPS. For example, HTTPS is more advanced and more secure.


When you type in the URL of a Web site after http:, a connection is established. If you click on a link, you request a connection; the Web browser sends the request to the server, and the server opens the page. This all happens within moments. The faster the connection, the faster the website opens.

HTTP focuses mainly on presenting information, but less on the method of information transmission. This makes HTTP vulnerable and less secure. Alternatively, it is possible to use https, where you use encrypted connections.

The impact of HTTP on SEO

HTTP certainly impacts the SEO of a website or page, but not always in a positive way. Google has said it wants to create more security on the Internet. A secure connection and a secure website are part of this. HTTP has proven to be less secure. A switch from HTTP to HTTPS may have a better impact on search engine optimization.

My advice

As the administrator of a Web site, it makes sense that you want the best and safest possible experience for the visitor. And that starts when you type in the URL. Therefore, this should certainly be in order.

We recommend switching to https if you haven’t already done so. Https is more secure, faster and more advanced. With this, you meet Google’s requirements and optimize your website for the search engine. In addition, there are many other things that deserve attention, such as proper content, meta descriptions and backlinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HTTP?

HTTP is a protocol where the website is loaded over an insecure connection. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is mostly an outdated way to load websites (due to it being insecure).

What is the impact of Http on SEO?

Google values security highly. HTTP is less secure than HTTPS. Using HTTP will result in a lower rating. So to generate more traffic, a switch to HTTPS is recommended.

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