Bringing your brand to the attention of a consumer is quite possible with the right tools. But how do you get consumers to form positive opinions about your brand? One way to do this is with positioning. What is positioning and how does it impact SEO? Here we discuss the concept in detail.

What is positioning?

Positioning is a term that indicates the image consumers have of a brand. Positioning is also about the distinguishing characteristics a brand has compared to other brands in the same industry. This positioning arises in several ways.

Positioning in practice

Within marketing, it is very important to position a brand well. As a business, you have a lot of influence over how consumers see you. A brand is given a certain identity that you create as a company: this is what consumers then adopt.

Online, there is much talk of positioning, especially with the advent of influencers. Many companies take advantage of this because an influencer has a credibility that companies do not. There is a personal connection between the influencer and the followers.

The impact of positioning on SEO

Positioning certainly affects the SEO of a website or page. It is an important marketing tool that has a great deal of influence on how people see your brand or company. Among other things, using influencers is a great way to get consumers to view your brand positively. This in turn brings more visitors to your website and increased sales.

My advice

Positioning is one of the most valuable marketing tools today. Especially with the advent of influencers, it is possible to direct the perception of your brand. We recommend using positioning: one way to do this is to consider whether it is smart to partner with an influencer, in order to create more awareness. But creating a corresponding message that you proclaim to the outside world may also be a way to achieve good positioning.

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