Is there a consumer ie facing remarketing? Then this consumer is up to 70% more likely to convert. Actually, remarketing is a very personalized way of advertising. So you can put remarketing to good use for your business.

But what exactly is remarketing? And what can you do with all that as a company? You can read the answers to these questions below.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is also known as retargeting. It’s a way to target advertising. During remarketing, you bring your company, your services or your products to the attention of people one more time who have already shown interest. An SEO consultant takes advantage of this to additionally target visitors from SEO.

Someone who has already visited your website is, in most cases, interested in what you offer. By setting up a remarketing campaign, you bring what you have advertised to this person again in the form of an advertisement. SEO campaigns are also important here.

Because this person has already shown an interest and comes in contact with your company one more time, he or she is more likely to eventually convert. After all, you’ve provided another contact moment, making it easier to convert.

How remarketing works

Not everyone makes a conversion on the first visit to a Web site. This can be due to several things. For example, they might be comparing several websites, just had to leave or were at work.

The buying process is interrupted in this case. Now it’s up to you to make sure the customer returns to your website. That’s where remarketing comes in.

Actually, remarketing is a good marketing technique that you use to pull potential customers back into the sales funnel. This allows you to boost your conversion rate.

The ads in remarketing are very targeted and also personalized for these potential customers. This gives the customer additional trigger to make a conversion. They are activated faster in this case than a non-personalized ad. The online findability of a website can be improved with this.

Remarketing actually consists of a few steps. In the first step someone visitors your website, but does not yet proceed to conversion. Then you send a targeted ad to this person. If all goes well and the potential customer is still interested they proceed to conversion.

Impact of remarketing on SEO

Remarketing can help improve SEO and SEA. This is because remarketing puts you back in touch with potential customers, enables targeted ad views and increases your conversion rate. You can sharpen your marketing efforts and collect additional data.

My advice

If you want to increase your conversion rate, remarketing is definitely something you should take a look at. With remarketing, you can reach out again to customers who drop out of the process in just before they are about to convert to potentially allow the conversion to go through anyway.

Because visitors have already shown interest in your website, product or service, they are more likely to become a customer. So definitely start targeting ads to these visitors and who knows, you might achieve great results and higher sales.

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