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Want to know where your website ends up in the search results rankings? Then use the Google SERP counter. This extension for your browser grades search results. You can read more about the Google SERP counter here.

What is Google SERP counter?

The free extension Google SERP counter is available for a number of browsers. These are Chrome and Firefox. You can download the extension for free for these browsers. It otherwise changes pretty little about how your search results look. You only see a ranking number next to the results.

How do you use Google SERP counter?

So it is very simple. You download Google SERP counter on your browser. You activate the extension after this. When you google a particular term, you see the results as you’ve always seen them. The difference is that you see a number next to the results. Not all results will have a number.

For example, the results under “people also ask. The number shows where in the SERP the website is placed. It doesn’t matter what search term you use. For each search term, Google SERP counter gives a number.

Impact on SEO

Of course, you want your website to appear as high as possible in the list of search results. The Google SERP counter does not directly help with this. However, you do see what does come high on the list. You may also see a difference in how high your site ranks for different search terms. With that information, it is possible to improve your SEO position. The tool gives you information that helps with SEO, but has no direct impact.

My advice

To Google SERP counter, you have a handy tool. Whether it is necessary is a second thing. In any case, the tool is free. In that regard, there is no harm in taking advantage of it. Google SERP counter is a small addition. It changes pretty little about how your image looks when you search for something.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google SERP Counter?

Google SERP Counter is a free browser extension from Google. You can download it for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Very little the extension does, by the way. It causes you to see a ranking number next to the search results.

What is the impact of Google SERP Counter on SEO?

Directly impacting SEO, Google SERP Counter does not. As mentioned, it shows what position you are in in the search results. This makes it a little easier to compare your position with your competitors.

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