Organic visibility

You can differentiate your website traffic into two categories, organic and paid traffic. Organic wrong here consists of users who come to your website from free traffic, such as through search engine search results (such as organic findability).

What is organic visibility?

With a website, both SEA and SEO are important. SEA is about paid visibility; SEO is about organic visibility. Thanks to an SEO campaign, you make sure you are more findable in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

If you’re just starting to increase your organic visibility, you probably notice that it doesn’t happen as quickly as paid visibility. Indeed, it is a long-term process with long-term solutions.

Examples of organic visibility

For example, organic visibility is a blog you’ve written that shows up in Google’s search results after someone searches for the topic. The visitor clicks the link to your blog and lands on your website. If you’re lucky, the visitor will stick around a little longer or maybe even become a customer.

The importance of organic visibility

Basically, organic visibility depends on several components. For example, SEO is important. By optimizing your website for a search engine, you ensure that you are better found.

As a result, organic visibility depends indirectly on the speed of your website, the indexing of web pages, the use of internal links and the use of a secure online environment.

The impact of organic visibility

Actually, you want as few users of your website as possible to consist of paid wrong. After all, you then had to pay for it, which carries the risk that not every visitor will convert.

By being highly visible organically, you actually know that your website and the texts on your website are optimized and therefore the target audience can find you well. The advantage of organic visibility is that the target audience is often already interested in your product or service, otherwise the visitor would never have come to you.

My advice

To improve your organic visibility, SEO is indispensable. By being highly visible organically, the target audience knows how to find you and can more easily move to a conversion.

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