The SEO Framework

Do you want a plug-in to improve your SEO? Then choose The SEO Framework. This is a plug-in for SEO that you can download and use for free. Moreover, The SEO Framework chooses not to track and trace its users. They offer transparency about that.

What is The SEO Framework?

When we talk about The SEO Framework, we are talking about a plug-in for WordPress. It can be downloaded from WordPress or The SEO Framework’s site. The goal is to support you with SEO for your website. For that, The SEO Framework gives you all kinds of tools.

Free, paid and Extension Manager

The free version for The SEO Framework may be sufficient. Paid options include Pro, Business and Agency. What the free version lacks, for example, is protection against spam responses and Google Analytics integration. You also don’t get API features with this. The paid versions have the same features, but differ in maximum numbers. For example, how many API access requests can be made per month. The more you pay, the higher the number.

The Extension Manager lets you do even more. This gives you access to additional plug-ins. If you choose a paid version, the Extension Manager includes license management.

Impact on SEO

The SEO Framework certainly has an impact on your site’s SEO. That’s the whole point of the plug-in. With The SEO Framework’s tools, you’ll make sure your site lands as high as possible in search results. The SEO Framework shows where opportunities lie for you to improve that position.

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My advice

An SEO plug-in is always relevant and useful to have. You can see where your bottlenecks are and effectively fix them. In this regard, The SEO Framework is a privacy-conscious option. By starting with the free version, you get to know the plug-in without having to pay for it already. Then, if you like it, switch to a paid option. Or do you still stick with the free version.

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