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It is important for website developers to be aware of the search behavior of Internet users. Based on that, the sites can be set up so that a visitor gets to the website faster. Search behavior also plays a big role in determining keywords in an SEO campaign. So it is good to be aware of your website’s specific target audience.

What is search behavior?

An Internet user’s search behavior refers to the route to information he takes. Does anyone go straight to a website? Is a search engine used first? Does any other form of website promotion play a role? What keywords are being used? All these aspects together determine search behavior.

Search behavior | Glossary of terms

Examples of search behavior

The majority of Internet users use a search engine for searching. Based on the results of their search, they go to a website (good organic findability helps with this). Most visitors view only the first page of search results.

Therefore, it is important for a website to have a high ranking for the most important keywords. There are also Internet users whose search habits are influenced by conversations on social media. Influencers, in particular, play a role in this. You can use that on your website.

The importance of search behavior

Knowing how information is searched for by your website’s target audience will help determine the right keywords. This involves looking at the actual words, and how the target audience expresses themselves during conversations on social media and in chats. This applies to both the SEO and SEA of a website (or campaign).

The impact of search behavior

Because the impact of search behavior is significant, role models are often used. These are profiles of types of people linked to a particular search behavior.

These profiles describe at what times of day they go searching the Internet, what sources they use to do so, on what devices they do so, and what they are influenced by. With this information, it is easier to design a site that scores well with the target audience.

My advice

Prior to developing a Web site, create a profile of the standard visitor to the Web site. Pay attention to his overall search behavior, including times of day, devices, search engines and information sources. It is also useful to find out what language and words they use in their communication.

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