Organic links

In the past, by placing large numbers of backlinks, a website could quickly gain a higher ranking in the search engines. Because this does not lead to quality search results, the search engines have taken a different approach. Now websites are judged much more on the basis of organic links. These are links, coming from sites with high quality ratings, that have a high impact on organic findability.

What are organic links?

Organic links are links posted by website owners and through social media because of the quality of content on your site. Which is so appreciated by others that they post links of their own accord. You yourself can successfully promote the content on your website through social media. The effect is to get faster and more organic links. Want to work on your online findability? Then organic links are vital.

Examples of organic links

Organic links only work if attention has also been paid to the SEO optimization of the site. The appropriate keywords are then included in the content. At the same time, the content appeals to many visitors.

For example, those interested in making traditional dishes will want to link to special recipes you post on your website. These types of organic links cause your reputation to rise, giving you a higher ranking.

The importance of organic links

Buying ads through search engines increases the number of visitors to your site in the short term. If it contains enough good content, it can lead to an increase in organic links. However, building a large number of organic links is time-consuming.

The effect is only visible in your site’s ranking after six months. You should therefore view boosting organic links as an investment in the future.

The impact of organic links

Initially, the impact of organic links is not that great. But in the long run, organic links ensure that you get and maintain a high search engine ranking. Because of your rising popularity, others will be eager to use your website to force a boost in your popularity themselves through quality content.

My advice

Always pay close attention to quality and unique content, not forgetting SEO optimization. Organic links indirectly contribute to higher quality content, creating a much better transfer of information. Ultimately, that can lead to more sales.

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