There are many ways in which website design takes place. Web designers, among others, make ample use of placeholders. What is a placeholder? Here we explain this term to you in detail.

What is a placeholder?

A placeholder is a temporary media such as an image or text. This type of media is ideal for a website when the final content is not yet available. Designing a layout is a lot easier this way.

The use of placeholders

The use of a placeholder has been happening for much longer. Web designers use placeholders to provide temporary content for the Web site. This way, designing a layout is even easier.

It often happens that media on a page are not ready at the same time. In this case, a placeholder is a temporary alternative. A well-known example of a placeholder is Lorem Ipsum, a standard text for temporary filling of a graphic design.

Placeholder _ Glossary of terms

The impact of placeholder on SEO

A placeholder does not necessarily affect the SEO of a website or page. It is mainly to be used temporarily. It is important, however, that a placeholder does eventually give way to unique and relevant text or other media. If this does not happen, a search engine will not see the page as relevant or as a copy of other websites. This is bad for SEO.

My advice

We recommend using a placeholder to gain insight into the design of a layout. It provides a clear overview and allows for even better website design. However, it is important to replace the placeholder with a unique text as soon as possible.

Thus, it does not negatively affect search engine rankings. Therefore, hiring a web designer is the best way to get a beautiful website quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Placeholder?

A placeholder is a particular type of content such as text or an image of a temporary nature. Once the final one is available, the placeholder will be replaced by it. Er convenient to be able to set up the layout of a website in advance.

What is the impact of Placeholder on SEO?

In fact, a placeholder has no impact on your site’s SEO. It is something temporary. Just make sure you replace it with relevant and unique content in time. Otherwise, this is detrimental to SEO.

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