What is a touchpoint and how do I optimize it?

As a company, do you want to sell a product to a customer? Then it is important to connect with the customer. In doing so, you will have to deal with touchpoints . What are touchpoints and what can you do with them as a company? I’m happy to explain the concept of touchpoints to you.

What is a touchpoint?

Touchpoints are moments of contact with the customer that occur from the initial introduction to after delivery. These are moments when a company makes a good impression on the customer. With touchpoints, a company has the ability to target the right audience through marketing.

What are digital touchpoints?

The potential customer comes into contact with a product, a brand or a company during the so-called customer journey, customer journey. It is much easier to connect with customers with the advent of the Internet. It is possible to use digital touchpoints. There are 5 phases where touchpoints are present:

Awareness: advertising in the search engine or on social media

Consideration: blog articles, social media, SEO

Purchase: webshop

Contact: mail, chat, forum

Advocacy: newsletter, social media, app, login portal

Be careful not to use too many touchpoints. After all, this is actually counterproductive for the customer.(1)

The impact of touchpoints on SEO

There are a number of ways in which touchpoints have a positive impact on SEO. First, good content brings more visitors to your website. In addition, providing good service is also important: reachability via phone, email and social media has a lot of influence on a positive customer journey. (2)


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