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The updated version of the structured data test is the rich results test. Where the predecessor looked at the correctness of the implementation, the rich results test goes beyond that. You can read how that works in the rest of this text.

What is rich results test?

Rich results are search results where more information is given. This can include prices, review ratings or stars, images and more. The more information, the richer. This is then called a rich snippet. Rich snippets result in more clicks. The rich results test looks at how well the rich snippets are put together. (1)

Rich snippets and the test

A snippet where the additional information is not displayed properly results in a worse position in the results. Rich snippets without problems are displayed higher in search results. That’s why you use the rich results test. That test indicates where any issues can be fixed. By fixing them, you improve your position in the results list. You enter the URL of the site or page you want to test. After this you get an insight into where problems or warnings might be found for your rich results. You fix these to improve your position. (2)

Impact on SEO

Rich results show up higher on users’ search results. That, of course, is the goal of SEO. So the rich results test definitely affects SEO. The test by itself does not. What you do with it does. It is up to you or the website builder to fix issues that the rich results test has made known. This is how you ensure a better position on the results list. A higher position. In that sense, the rich results test impacts your SEO.

My advice

This is an updated tool that is also free. You lose nothing by using this tool. We therefore recommend doing so. It’s an easy way to see where you still have bottlenecks. You can also see if you can make your results even richer to get your ranking even higher. You do this using markups in your page or site.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rich Results Test?

Rich results are certain search results that come with additional information, such as prices, images or reviews. The more additional information, the richer. This is then called a rich snippet. The rich result test gives you all kinds of information and possible areas of improvement regarding your rich snipped.

What is the impact of Rich Results Test on SEO?

Rich results will show up higher in search results. This, of course, is exactly what SEO is all about. So the rich results test definitely affects SEO indirectly affects SEO. Of course, it does depend on what you do with the information obtained.

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