Creating Ahrefs project

Want to create a new project in Ahrefs? When you add a project in Ahrefs, several statistics are tracked. With this you check the backlink profile of your competitors, for example. In addition, Ahrefs keeps track of which keywords your page ranks for. Here’s how to do this step by step.

Go to and log in with your account.

When you are logged in, you will be taken to the dashboard. Here is the overview of current projects. At the top of the search bar, there are several pages such as site explorer, keywords explorer and site audit.

Click on ”+ new project”

To create a new project, click the ”New Project” button.

After this, you can choose between two options. The first option is to import data from Google Search Console. The second option is manual data entry.

Click on ”add manually”

Enter the domain you want to add to your dashboard as a project.

Verify that you are the owner of the domain.

This step is only necessary when adding your own website. If the domain is not yours, skip this step.

If you are the website owner, this is the time to link Google Search Console. You do this easily by clicking on the little arrow and linking your google account.

Schedule site audits

In this step, you can specify how often you want Ahrefs to crawl the website for on-page SEO. A site audit scans a website for SEO technique.

Add keywords

In this step, you add keywords you want Ahrefs to track. Ahrefs tracks the keyword you rank for and its search volume.

Ahrefs lists the keywords the website ranks for. It looks like this:

It is wise to click the top 20 keywords here. This makes it easy to see which keywords your website is doing well for.

Add competitors

In this step, you can add competitors. This is how you keep track of which keywords they rank for. Ahrefs tracks competitors’ statistics. These are compared with the outcomes of your website. Ahrefs also provides a list of suggested competitors. This list is based on the keywords.

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