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Updates, updates, updates: December 2021 Google Product Reviews Update

Are you dizzy yet? Google’s update goes on and on. You can see other SEO specialists’ posts here: https://www.webmasterworld.com/google/5053055-3-50.htm#msg5053948

See also the images of the largest tracking tools(MOZ and SemRush)

Google confirmed rolling out this update (only impacts English pages – for now) and should take about 3 weeks. Yummy, an update focused on online shops during black friday and Christmas.

You can do this according to Google:

(1) Provide evidence such as video, audio or other ways to show your own experience with the product. This confirms the authenticity of the review.

(2) Provide links to multiple vendors. I don’t know if this also applies to different sellers on 1 website (like just bol com).

The key is to show your expertise and authority, and not haphazardly post reviews about products/services you don’t know about.

You can find the full update here.


Google: you often don’t know where the success of your SEO campaign comes from!

Google’s John Mueller told Twitter that as an SEO specialist, you almost never know where the success of your SEO campaign is coming from, even in hindsight it is difficult to determine.

You often optimize dozens of aspects such as website speed, internal links, content and structured data. What helped? No one knows, but everyone thinks something (often that which the person in question happens to have worked on).

It is easy to find 100 areas of improvement for SEO. But what is the exact impact of all these areas of improvement? You need a lot of experience for that. Testing, testing and more testing.

This is an interesting tweet from John Mueller.

He actually says. Is that 10% a good sign? Or just a bad sign? You don’t know, even in retrospect you don’t know. That makes SEO tricky; it’s abstract.

News soon!

  1. It is now possible to view data from the GSC in GA4.
  2. Google AdSense support goes offline for 18 days during the vacations.
  3. The GSC was offline for 2 hours in the morning on Dec. 17 (Google outage).
  4. GMB profiles can now be verified by video.
  5. Google says: the number of external links is not a good metric to determine your SEO success.
  6. In late November, there was an update regarding local search results (visual in the SERP).
  7. Google is testing with full width featured snippets and local search results.
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