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Local SEO makes inroads in 2021. Google prioritizes regional companies over large companies operating at the national level. With the rise in mobile usage, more and more people are searching Google when they are on the go. How do user reviews boost a website’s SEO? We explain it in this article.

User reviews definition

User reviews are reviews given by customers that show up on your website or in Google. Reviews paint a good picture for Google as to what extent products or services are quality.

Google gets an insight into what you do, how you do it and how well you do it through user reviews.

The importance of user reviews for SEO

Why are user reviews important? There are several reasons:

  • Google trusts reviews. Google’s algorithms link positive reviews to high quality Web sites.
  • Interact with real customers: through Google My Business, a website owner is encouraged to interact with his/her customers.
  • Customer reviews affect the bounce rate. When a searcher performs a search, a company’s user reviews are the first to be seen. It is, in fact, what ensures whether a searcher clicks on a Web result.

How do you deal with user reviews?

User reviews can be divided into positive and negative reviews. A positive review results from a good experience with a company. For example, a negative review indicates a less positive experience with the company.

It is important to see criticism as feedback. Handle critical reviews tactfully. Respond respectfully and offer a possible solution. Move the complaint directly to another means of communication such as a phone call. That way the experience is more personal and the customer feels helped.

In the case of a positive review, it is important to thank the client in question for his/her time. Make it personal and make leaving reviews appealing.

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My advice

SEO is always changing, and so are the ranking factors of Google’s algorithm. What we know is that the searcher’s user experience takes precedence. When a searcher reads all the positive reviews about a company at a glance, it encourages them to click through to the website. (1)

Good and sincere feedback is therefore crucial for search engine optimization. The only cause of good feedback is an optimized user experience. When someone has a complaint, don’t ignore it. Engage in conversation and think in solutions rather than problems.

Especially invite positive customers to write a review. That way, the reviews remain sincere. Make writing a review attractive and easy.


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