Creating Google My Company

Local SEO is essential for search engine optimization today. Google My Business is a tool that allows you to manage how your business appears in the search engine. When a searcher performs a search, Google displays local businesses .

Google My Company is an important tool that is part of local SEO. It is extremely important to be visible to your target audience when they are in the area. How to do this? Read all about it in our roadmap.

This is how your business appears in search results when you have Google My Business created:

Creating Google My Company

Go to and enter the details of your business profile.

Creating Google My Business - 01

Enter your company name here. This will appear at the top of the ”Google My Business” section

Add a location.

The next question Google asks is whether you want to add a physical location. This location is displayed on Google Maps and in the search engine when customers are looking for your business.

Creating Google My Company - 02
Creating Google My Business - 03

Once you have entered the address of your business, you will be asked if you serve customers outside that area.

Enter whether you also serve customers outside the address just entered.

Creating Google My Company - 04

Then you can add areas where you serve your customers. This is optional.

Creating Google My Business - 05

Enter your company’s contact information.

This is the contact information visible to the searcher in the search engine. These are your phone number and the current URL of your website.

Creating Google My Company - 06

Verify Google My Business

Once all the information is entered, the setup of Google My Company is complete. After this, it is important to verify your Google My Company. Verification of Google My Company is required. In this way, Google wants to combat scams. There are several ways to verify your listing.

  • By mail: Google will send a card with a verification code within 14 days. Once you enter the code in GMB you are verified.
  • SMS: in the case of this option, you verify GMB with a code you receive via SMS.
  • Mail: in this case you get an email with a link you have to click to verify.
  • Directly verify: if you get this option from Google, you have already been verified in Google Search Console.

It depends on Google which option you are offered. Verification by mail is most common.

Once your Google My Company listing is set up and verified, you’re done. Henceforth, when searchers are looking for your product and are in the area, your company will be seen in the search results. This looks something like this:

Creating Google My Business - 07

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