In the world of Web sites, many complicated terms pass muster. In some cases, it is advisable to take a closer look at this to understand it better. Among others, the term JSON is an example of this. What is JSON and how does it impact SEO? You can read about that here!

What is JSON?

JSON is an abbreviation for the term Javascript Object Notation. JSON is an open file format for exchanging data using readable text. One of the uses of JSON is to replace XML in AJAX systems. JSON was developed by American programmer Douglas Crockford. (1) (2)

JSON: standard file format

The JSON format arose from the demand for a real-time server to browser protocol. JSON is based on a component of Javascript language and can also be used in conjunction with Javascript. It is still a language-independent data format suitable for many programming languages.

With JSON, browser plugins are not a requirement, but this is the case with Flash and Java. JSON is an alternative to XML: both formats have corresponding applications. Other formats similar to JSON are CSV and YAML.

The impact of JSON on SEO

The impact of JSON on the SEO of a Web site or page may be greater than you think. Among other things, JSON-LD offers a simple way to create readable data for Web sites that allows you to create better search results. Search engine Google itself recommends using JSON. With this it is quite possible to create a better website in the eyes of the search engine. (3)

My advice

A website consists of a lot of parts. On the one hand, this potentially presents difficulties but, on the other hand, also offers many opportunities. This also applies to JSON.

I recommend researching the possibilities regarding JSON. It is always advisable to hire a specialist for this: programmers, among others, know all about the right formats and systems to make your website work as well as possible.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JSON?

JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation. It is a so-called open file format used in data exchange. This is done through readable text.

What is the impact of JSON on SEO?

JSON has a pretty big impact on the SEO of web page or site. Thus, you create readable data for websites very easily with JSON-LD. By doing so, you ensure better search results. Google itself also recommends the use of JSON.

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