Google AdWords Campaign

A Google AdWords Campaign is a method of getting much more targeted visitors to your website than by ranking in the Google search engine.

With a Google AdWords Campaign, visitors can be directed to your site based on keywords you choose, exactly to the page you want them on. In organic findability, Google will decide which landing page to send visitors to.

In a holistic marketing campaign, you often see SEO and SEA combined to achieve optimal results.

What is a Google AdWords Campaign?

In a Google AdWords Campaign (SEA), your company name is associated with keywords you select. As soon as a visitor types in one of “your” keywords, an ad appears with your company name and a link to your website.

You have complete control over the landing page the visitor is sent to. You can even set up a different landing page for each keyword.

Google Adwords campaign | Glossary of terms

Examples of a Google AdWords Campaign

It is difficult to give examples of a Google AdWords Campaign because the number of possibilities is extremely large. By using the tools provided by Google, you can set exactly which keywords your ad will be shown for, and what action will follow when the visitor clicks on the ad.

A bakery company with a website for online sales, can set it up so that when a visitor clicks on the ad, it lands on your assortment page of pastries. A Google AdWords Campaign shows exactly how many visitors typed in your keywords and how many of them were directed to your website.

Local SEO is also important here. Consider local SEO within cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam and Groningen.

The Importance of a Google AdWords Campaign.

A Google AdWords Campaign is a great tool if you want to drive targeted visitors to your website. A campaign often runs for a limited period of time. In practice, the new visitors to your website then return regularly of their own accord.

The Impact of a Google AdWords Campaign.

A Google AdWords Campaign is extremely effective. Unlike SEO, a Google AdWords Campaign must be paid for. In practice, the costs turn out to be not too bad, because the ad is paid per click. After a few campaigns, you usually succeed in structurally getting more visitors to your site.

My advice

A Google AdWords Campaign is useful during a campaign, where the goal is to drive a specific target group of visitors to your site. If you want more visitors in the long run, SEO is a more appropriate tool.

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