Enticing customers to make a purchase: it is possible in several ways. One of the options that is increasingly popular today is M-Commerce. What is M-Commerce and what are its advantages and disadvantages? You can read about that on this page!

What is M-Commerce?

M-Commerce is a part of E-commerce. The M stands for mobile transactions: so it involves commerce through mobile devices. Does someone make a purchase via his or her smartphone? If so, this is M-Commerce.

Benefits of M-commerce

M-Commerce involves selling services or products through mobile devices. This is possible in several ways, and not always to the user’s advantage. An advantage of M-Commerce is that the user makes a purchase quickly; this is often done quickly. Impulse buying is therefore common in M-Commerce. Payment is also fast with M-Commerce. This is often possible directly through the smartphone, without the need for a tool.

On the other hand, scams are also more likely to occur. Especially apps that you download for free but then require an expensive subscription are an example of this. Often such applications foist an expensive subscription via unclear descriptions.

The impact of M-commerce on SEO

M-Commerce certainly has an impact on the SEO of a website or page. Customers are increasingly making their purchases online and doing so via their smartphones or tablets. This is not only easy, but also very fast and it improves your website’s search engine ranking. On the other hand, good SEO also works in favor of M-Commerce because it makes you even more findable.

My advice

We recommend capitalizing on the popularity of purchases via mobile devices. Make sure your site is easily accessible via smartphone or tablet and make it easy for users to make a purchase. It is also possible to create an app that may make it even easier for customers to make a purchase. Therefore, M-Commerce is definitely a good development for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is M-Commerce?

M-Commerce is term for all sales activities that take place through mobile channels such as websites and applications optimized for use on a smartphone. It is a part of e-commerce. It came about because of huge growth in smartphone use, allowing you to order anything anywhere you want.

What is the impact of M-Commerce on SEO?

M-commerce certainly has an impact on SEO. More and more online purchases are being made via a smartphone. So you need to optimize your websites for use on mobile devices such as a smartphone. This increases user satisfaction and this in turn improves ranking in search results.

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