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The importance of header tags if you want to improve your SEO probably hasn’t escaped your notice. The H2 tag (and H1, H3 and H4 tags) are special tags that you add to your titles, headings or intermediate headings. This benefits not only the search engines but also your visitor. In this article, we’ll tell you more about the H2 tag.

What is the H2 tag?

The H2 (or H3 or even H4 tag) is the second most important header tag in a text. It indicates the subheads or intermediate headings after the H1 tag (the title or headline of a text). The different paragraphs with possibly different topics in a text are each given their own headings in the text. Actually, just like in a book or report, you clearly state what the text is about with a subheading. This creates a lot of clarity. H2 Tags are also crucial for your SEO (more on that later). (1)

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An example of the H2 tag

The H2 tag is added to a sentence to indicate to the search engines that this is a text header. You do this through the



Many website owners use WordPress. When you add new text here, you can easily choose the ‘H2’ option and not have to add a piece of code yourself.

What is the importance of H2 tag?

The H2 Tag is at least as important as the H1 tag. Why? Because the H2, like the H1 tag, forgives a lot of structure to your texts. It is easier to read for the visitor and for the search engines. However, SEO related, there is another more important function to H2 tags.

The H2 tags include a page’s additional keywords. These are often the synonyms of a keyword. Also, these spots on the website can be used to list the long-tail variants of a keyword. So these are the keywords for which there are fewer searches but at the same time there is less competition. In practice, these are keywords for which it is easier to rank for.

The H2 tag is very important because it allows a page to rank for multiple keywords.

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How often can an H2 tag occur?

An H2 tag, unlike an H1 tag, can appear multiple times. No clear limit is given from Google but personally I would set the limit at 3-5 H2 tags. Of course, this depends on each industry and website.

Looking for help for your H2 tags?

Working together on the H2 tags on your website? Please take a moment to contact me.

It also depends on the length of a text. When a text contains 1,500 words, it can also contain multiple H2 tags. This makes the text clearer, both for the visitor and search engine.

My advice

When a text contains only 200 words, it is unnecessary to give it three H2 tags. In many cases, one H1 tag and one H2 tag is sufficient. Shorter texts also tend to lack the ability to be found on multiple keywords. This does occur with longer texts.

To accomplish the filling of the H2 tags, you need to look for synonyms or easier variants of a keyword. For this, you can use the keyword tool from Ahrefs, for example. This one, when you type in the main keyword, gives addition to it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an H2 Tag?

The H2 Tag indicates the headings in a text. A good text is divided into paragraphs and, if applicable, different topics. After the H1 Tag, the title of a text, use the H2 Tag to display the format of your text. There is also another H3 Tag to display sub-headings.

What is the impact of H2 Tag on SEO?

The H2 Tag, like the H1 tag, is very important because this is how you give structure to your text. This makes it much more readable for visitors and as well as search engines. With respect to SEO, there is something more important. The H2 Tags generally list additional keywords but long-tail search terms can also be applied here. You can rank your page for multiple search terms by applying the H2 Tag.

Can I incorporate multiple keywords into an H2 tag?

An H2 tag allows a page to rank for multiple keywords. SEO related, it is a good reason to use H2 tags. This is because you are using a page’s additional keywords (synonyms for a keyword). Another reason to use them is precisely to apply and incorporate the long-tail variants of a keyword here.

There are fewer searches on these words, but also less competition (which works in your favor in the search engines). So they are words you can rank for more easily. I therefore advise you to take advantage of this, as you can take good advantage this way to ensure that your website is even more findable within the search engines.

Using an H2 tag also ensures that your texts are more readable. Reading a whole big chunk of text no one likes. Therefore, using paragraphs and headings is a good choice. Multiple keywords can then be incorporated into this and then you can respond to Google’s (and your visitors’) needs.

Should an H2 tag be about the same topic as an H1 tag?

The H1 tag is the most important header tag in a text, so H2 is the second most important. It indicates the intermediate headings. It brings more overview to a large chunk of text. Applying H2 gives paragraphs their own topic (title). An H2 tag gives a lot of structure to a text. This makes the texts much more readable for search engines and visitors.

In terms of text structure, you should really think of it this way, you are going to write a text for your target audience with a main topic or question. You will elaborate on this question or topic, using paragraphs. You give these paragraphs a title (subtitle H2 tag) for convenience and clarity. In this way, you can make sure that while it is a whole, it is organized.

So I would say that an H2 tag should be about the same topic as an H1 tag. It should be related to the main topic so your H1 tag. The important thing is that it can complement each other, and that can be achieved in this way just fine.

Are there any other tags I can use?

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that a header tag is very important if you want to improve your SEO. An H2 tag is another example of this and I also use it regularly. It makes a text more organized, but it also affects search engine findability.

In addition to the H2 tag, you can also use an H1 tag and H3 and H4 tags. The H1 tag is used at the top of a text, it is the title of your text or blog and in it you then mention the most important keyword. An H2 tag is then an intermediate heading. But you may also have so much to say at an intertitle that you want to distinguish paragraphs there as well. If so then you can use an H3 tag for that.

I recommend you use tags in your text, that way it stays clear for everyone. It gives a text a good structure and you also know quickly when scanning a text what information you can find where. This is valuable for visitors and for the search engine.

When do I use an H2 tag instead of another tag?

You can encounter an H2 tag multiple times in a text. There is not really a maximum from Google, but I would personally say 3-5 H2 tags in a text. But then again, the industry and your website must be considered in this regard. In my opinion, it also depends on the length of a text.

If I have a text of more than 1,500 words I also use multiple H2 tags. Purely to ensure that the text remains clear for the search engine and for my visitors. You must then often do this by following your feelings in this. If you have created a text, you should reread it after a day. Do you find the text clear then? Well broken down into intermediate headings?

You like to divide a large chunk of text into headings, for that you also use a good structure. For example car buying, what to look out for when buying a car, what does buying a car cost, advantages of buying a car online, etc. All intermediate headings that you can give an H2 tag to make the text more organized.

Can the wrong H2 tag negatively impact my page?

If you use the wrong keywords in an H2 tag, it can negatively impact your page. Imagine, you want to rank for the keyword car sell and then you’re going to talk in an H2 tag about buying a house or a bike, so that’s quite different. Maybe you want to make a comparison or make a point in your text, but because of the wrong H2 tag, the search engine will index the text differently. It can then negatively impact your page in search results.

It is also important that you use an H2 tag and do put the correct information underneath. You should not give the reader false hope or information because even then they will not return. If you use an H2 tag, make sure that information can also be found in that particular paragraph below it.

Also, stay alert that you are going to use the right keywords in the text. This is important for the reader, but especially for search engine findability. Google will scan and index a text and then if you use the right keywords you will score higher.

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