The SEO trends for 2023/2024

In this article, I examine the key SEO trends for 2024 (after I look back over the past 3 years). As technology evolves and user behavior changes, marketers and SEO specialists must adapt their strategies. I focus on the impact of AI, the evolution of search results pages, and the increasing importance of video in SEO. I’ll start immediately with the biggest SEO trends (in my opinion) and update this article whenever I come across something new.

The SEO trends for 2023_2024


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into SEO is a groundbreaking development in 2024. AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) offer advanced capabilities for keyword analysis, content creation and personalization.

With AI, marketers can recognize patterns in large volumes of data, better understand how users search and interact with content, and personalize the search experience. Especially in the realm of search intent and user behavior, AI offers unprecedented insights, allowing SEO experts to implement more effective and user-centric strategies.

Continuous scrolling in search results

Google’s introduction of continuous scrolling marks a significant shift in how users experience search results. This change, where users see new results throughout rather than clicking “Next Page,” means that first-page visibility becomes less dominant. SEO strategies will have to adapt; the focus is no longer just on top positions, but on continuously holding the searcher’s attention.

Lower CTR from search results?

By 2024, there is a trend of lower click-through rates (CTR) on search results. This can be partly attributed to the improved quality of search results with users finding what they are looking for faster, but also to the emergence of extensive featured snippets and other informative elements in SERPs. This means that SEO is not just about ranking keywords, but also about providing valuable, immediately visible information in search results.

The new SERP – what will it look like?

The SERP of 2024 is more dynamic and personalized than ever. Expect a mix of traditional search results, rich snippets, videos, images, and interactive elements, all tailored to individual search intent and preferences. SEO in 2024 requires a strategy that takes into account various content formats and a deeper focus on semantic search technology. Exciting! See an initial introduction to this SERP here.

UXO (User Experience Optimization)

UXO (User Experience Optimization) will be a crucial part of SEO in 2024. This represents a shift from pure search term optimization to creating an all-encompassing, positive user experience. Factors such as loading speed, interactive design, accessibility and intuitive navigation become as important as keywords and backlinks.

Quality over quantity

The motto “quality over quantity” in content creation is more essential than ever. Search engines of 2024 prefer content that is in-depth, well-researched and highly relevant to user intent. This emphasizes the importance of thorough research, engaging the target audience, and delivering real value in any published content. So this applies to both content and link building:


Content remains king, but the nature of this content is evolving. By 2024, content should not only be informative and relevant, but also formatted in different formats such as videos, podcasts, infographics and interactive media. This not only helps appeal to a wider audience, but also capitalizes on the various ways search engines index and rank content.

Link Building

While the essence of link building remains unchanged in 2024, the approach is changing. The emphasis is on obtaining natural, high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites. This means a shift from quantitative strategies to building real relationships, quality content and participating in relevant online communities and discussions.

E-E-A-T is central within each Industry

By 2024, the concept of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) is central to SEO, across all industries. This concept emphasizes not only the expertise and reliability of the content and author, but also the experience of the user.

This implies that the content should not only be factually correct and informative, but also connect to the practical experience and needs of the user. Each piece of content should demonstrate that the author is not only knowledgeable, but also has a deep understanding of the topic and context in which it is applied. This means a shift to more detailed, user-centric and experience-rich content, regardless of industry.

SEO transcends the Google platform

SEO in 2024 is no longer just synonymous with Google optimization. The focus is broadening to other search engines, social media platforms, and even voice search and IoT devices. This change reflects the increasingly diverse landscape of digital search, with users seeking information through a variety of channels and devices.

Optimizing for “search intent” rather than just “keywords,” and understanding the specific algorithms and user behaviors on different platforms, become crucial. SEO strategies should be diverse and flexible, adapted to multiple platforms and technologies.

Video is becoming increasingly important

Video content occupies an increasingly prominent place within SEO in 2024. With users’ growing preference for visual content, videos are becoming a powerful tool for both conveying information and improving SEO performance. Search engines increasingly value videos as part of the overall content strategy, especially if they provide valuable, engaging and relevant information.

This includes not only YouTube, but also videos integrated into websites and on social media platforms. Optimizing videos with proper titles, descriptions, tags and subtitles becomes essential to maximize visibility and engagement.

By incorporating these trends into your article, you highlight the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of SEO in 2024, where adaptability and a broad approach are crucial to success.


SEO in 2024 requires a multifaceted approach focused on technological innovation, user experience and quality content. It goes beyond Google, requires adaptation to various platforms, and emphasizes the importance of video. Success in SEO now means creating valuable, engaging content that meets the needs of the target audience.

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