Ranking higher in Google? This is possible in several ways, including through a link farm. What is a link farm and how does it impact the SEO of a website or page? Here we explain this to you and give you advice.

What is a link farm?

Linkfarm is a group of websites that link to each other within this group. The group is composed manually or automated through a script. It is a way for websites to rank higher in the search engine, which is a form of black-hat SEO.

The possibilities with link farm

There are several ways you can come across a link farm. It may be a way to link branches of the same retail chain. It may also be a network of websites that have the same target audience, for example. In this case, the purpose of the link farm is to increase SEO in value.

In this way, the link farm would help a website rank higher in a search engine’s search results. However, this does not work as effectively today.

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The impact of linkfarm on SEO

A link farm does not always have as much impact on the SEO of a website or page. In the past, link farming was a way of linking Web sites together in hopes of boosting their position. Today, due to intervention by search engines like Google, the impact of this has been greatly reduced. Especially when there are non-relevant links, this may have a negative impact on the position of the page in question.

My advice

We do not recommend using this form of link building. In theory, its operation is attractive and beneficial to your website and its visitors. However, it is no longer as effective as before because of adjustments and stricter controls by search engines such as Google. This makes link farming a less interesting SEO tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Linkfarm?

A link farm should be thought of as a group of websites that all link to each other. Such a group can be created manually or automatically through a script. The goal is to give websites a higher ranking in search engine results, and it is considered a form of black-hat SEO.

What is Linkfarm’s impact on SEO?

Today, a link farm has much less impact on the SEO of a particular page or website. Through various interventions, search engines have put a stop to this. Only in the case of using good and relevant links can there still be benefits. If this is not the case, it may even have an adverse effect.

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