Easily open, save or copy multiple links? You do that with Linkclump. Linkclump is an extension for your Chrome browser. It makes your search for anything more efficient and, most importantly, faster. After all, you have to do almost nothing yourself. Except to determine the settings.

What is Linkclump?

You install the extension for your browser and then you can get started with Linkclump. You use Linkclump as an alternative to opening multiple links yourself or saving them manually. This is a time-consuming process that the extension performs for you. And it’s free, too.

Options and operation of Linkclump

You open Linkclump. You do that through your browser. When you open the extension, you have the ability to customize options. With that, you filter the links you want to open or save. This way you make sure you include only relevant links in your bulk. Smart select is an automatic option from Linkclump to include or open only important links.

Using the Action option, you determine what to do with the links: open, copy or highlight. Through Activitation, you determine how to start the program, such as with a shortcut.

Impact on SEO

Linkclump does not affect SEO. It’s a tool you deploy for personal use. It makes it easier to open or save many links. After all, you don’t have to click anything yourself. This is automatic. Most of all, it takes time out of your hands that you could probably spend better. That is independent of the SEO.

My advice

Linkclump is an effective and efficient way of gathering information. Within a short time you have a list of interesting web pages. With the smart select option, you can see which links from your own page are considered important. This is valuable information. You can also quickly see if there are any links among them that you don’t want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linkclump?

Linkclump is an extension for the Chrome web browser that allows you to search very quickly and efficiently. It is a handy tool that can automatically open or save links for you. So it saves you a lot of time and what’s more, it’s free. So really highly recommended.

What is the impact of Linkclump on SEO?

Linkclump makes Internet searching a lot easier for you as a user and you save a lot of time. On SEO, however, it has no impact whatsoever.

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