Minimize third-party use

External code load more efficiently on the website? Google PageSpeed Insights may then give you the following advice: Minimize third-party use. What is Third Party Use Minimization and how does it work on a web page? Here we give you answers to these questions.

What is Third Party Use Minimizing?

Minimizing third-party usage is advice you may get when you have your Web site analyzed, such as by Google PageSpeed Insights. This advice says something about the external scripts on your Web site and what impact they have on your site’s performance.

The operation of external code

The use of external scripts or code is necessary in many cases: Google Analytics, among others, is an example of an external script, but this also includes libraries for JavaScript or buttons for links to Instagram or other social media. Do you use external scripts on the Internet? Then it is important to minimize its impact on your website.

Loading external code more efficiently is possible in a number of ways, such as using linktag preconnect, hosting external scripts locally and delaying the loading of JavaScript. This way, the impact of code on the performance of your website is a lot less and you hardly experience any drawbacks.

Minimize the impact of Third Party Use on SEO

Minimizing third-party use potentially impacts the SEO of a website or page. It allows for a shorter loading time on the website: this is beneficial for the visitor, but also for the search engine. Therefore, optimizing your website for the search engine is certainly possible with making the necessary changes. It is important to note, however, that this is not the only way to improve performance.

My advice

We recommend using Google PageSpeed Insights to look at the current state of your website. Do you get the message Minimize third-party use? Then it may be important to make the aforementioned changes. It’s also smart to hire good web hosting: they know better than anyone else how to make these changes and keep your website running as fast as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Minimize Use by Third Parties” mean?

Minimizing third-party use is one possible piece of advice when analyzing your site, such as through Google PageSpeed Insights. It says something about the external scripts running on your site and their impact on the performance of your website.

What is the impact of “Minimize Use By Third Parties” on SEO?

Minimizing third-party use can affect your website’s SEO. If you follow the advice and implement the improvements you will improve the user experience. Google will reward this if you also have your other SEO issues in order with a high ranking.

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