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Understanding your search terms to keep your relevance high is what you get with Keyword Surfer. The extension for your browser gives you information to stay relevant, introduce new search terms and improve your organic findability. Even advice based on competitors’ sites are part of Keyword Surfer.

What is Keyword Surfer?

Keyword Surfer is an extension you can download for Chrome. The extension is provided by Surfer. This company specializes in SEO, online findability and online marketing. Surfer has packages of tools you have to pay for. Keyword Surfer, on the other hand, is a free extension for Chrome.

What Keyword Surfer delivers

You get different information about your search term with Keyword Surfer. For example, how many times the search term was entered into a search engine in the past month. In the process, you will also gain insight into alternative search terms related to your first search term. With this, it is possible to attract more traffic to your site and rank higher in Google. With the correlation chart, you keep track of your position relative to your competition.

Here you can see the monthly traffic, word count and exact search terms of 10 competitors. Based on your competition, Keyword Surfer provides advice in the form of guidelines. NLP algorithms are used for this purpose.

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Impact on SEO

The combination of information about search terms in a general sense and competition make Keywords Surfer a useful tool. With this, like the SEO consultant, you have the tools to improve your SEO. This is because it has to do with your search terms, but also with how your competition is doing. The right search terms alone won’t get you there. For that, you use the information about your competition. This allows you to rank higher in search results than them.

My advice

Keywords Surfer is a free extension that informs you about search terms and competition. That’s a nice combination of valuable data. What’s more, it’s free. In general, people are satisfied with this free extension. It is, however, only available for Chrome. It is a free alternative to Keywords Everywhere. Just not deployable on other browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keyword Surfer?

Keyword Surfer is a free browser extension for Chrome. It is offered by the SEO and online marketing company Surfer. It provides insight into the search terms you use, as well as those of competitors.

What is the impact of Keyword Surfer on SEO?

Surfer is a handy tool you can use to tackle your website’s SEO. Because you also gain insights into how the competition is doing, you can capitalize on this in a useful way so that you obtain a higher position in search results.

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