Quick wins

As a company, you’re probably always looking for ways in which processes are faster and better. Did you catch such a change? Then you speak of quick wins. What exactly are quick wins and what do you gain from them? You can read about that here!

What are quick wins?

Quick wins are improvements that produce quick results. These improvements within a company are visible and allow for rapid implementation. There is almost always a positive outcome with quick wins: the risk factor is always low.

Little risk and great effect

A lot goes into making a decision for determining quick wins. Before any change is made, it is important to check how it will affect other branches of a business. Quick wins come in different forms. It may involve making improvements in communication, but it may also involve arranging discounts with suppliers. Too many quick wins in a short period of time may create difficulties in determining impact.

The impact of quick wins on SEO

Quick wins do not have an immediate big impact on the SEO of a website or page. However, there is an indirect impact. A business benefits from growth and improvement: this may also have good implications for search engine optimization. Especially when one of the quick wins involves online marketing. In this case, there is potentially great impact on the SEO of a website or page. Consider improving the software of an online store or simplifying the steps for consumers to make a purchase.

My advice

Quick wins: the risks are low and there is high confidence in positive outcomes. Another advantage is that quick wins represent quick implementation. We definitely recommend looking for quick wins for improving processes within your company. This will only grow your business. It is quite possible to enlist help in making improvements within your company!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Quick Wins?

Quick wins are improvement actions that you can implement quickly and easily and also give almost immediate results. The risks are always very limited in such improvement actions.

What is the impact of Quick Wins on SEO?

In general, you can say that implementing quick wins will be positive for your business. Quick wins will mainly have some indirect impact. If you manage to achieve quick wins on your site’s SEO, you will naturally notice this in Google’s ranking.

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