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When you type in RalfvanVeen.com, you will be taken to our website. That seems obvious, but how exactly does the server know which site to send it to? The answer to that question is DNS (Domain Name Servers). In this article, we explain what DNS is and how it works.

What is it?

DNS check is a service that converts user-friendly domain names such as RalfvanVeen.com to a computer-friendly IP address, for example, 32.655.180.0. Because the IP address is readable by the browser (as a domain name is not), the browser can find the server with the requested content. Linking the host name (RalfvanVeen.com) and the IP address (32.655.180.0) is called a namespace. By monitoring your DNS records from the DNS check, be sure that the Domain Name System continues to correctly forward traffic to your Web sites, services and electronic communications. So you can be sure that the correct content is retrieved.

The process of using a host name (e.g., RalfvanVeen.com) to get an IP address (e.g., 32.655.180.0) is called resolving. Converting a hostname is not visible to the user. However, during a few microseconds between typing in the domain name and converting it to an IP address, all sorts of things happen that require a DNS server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DNS Check?

The DNS check converts user-friendly domain names you key in as a user to an IP address readable by the browser. So this way, the browser can find the server where the information resides.

What is the impact of DNS Check on SEO?

Directly impacting SEO, DNS Check does not. However, it is an important process to show the user the right information.

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