More findable on the Internet? This can be achieved in several ways. One option is to use sitelinks. What are sitelinks and how exactly do they work? This page addresses all these questions and gives you advice.

What are sitelinks?

Sitelinks are sub links that come up in a search: they show multiple URLs of your website and therefore offer more visibility of a website or page. This can be done for free or for a fee.

How sitelinks work

Sitelinks provides the ability for multiple links to come up in a search. You yourself have no control over the organic sitelinks a search engine displays. Organic sitelinks involve free links that you don’t have to do anything for. So it is potentially nice if there are multiple links visible that lead to your website.

Furthermore, it is possible to deploy paid search results: in this case, for a fee, you do have influence over the sitelinks that are visible.

Sitelinks _ Glossary of terms

The impact of sitelinks on SEO

Sitelinks definitely impact SEO, especially when they are paid links over which you have complete control. Showing multiple links increases the visibility of your website: therefore, users are more likely to click on them. It is especially nice when a search engine shows these search results organically. But this chance is small, and besides, you don’t always influence the results.

My advice

We recommend using sitelinks that you pay for. This can be arranged through Google Ads: it is possible here to add extensions that make you even more visible. This is beneficial for your website traffic and SEO! Determining a good SEO strategy is always important, because it allows you to benefit from good results in the long term, not just temporarily through an ad.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sitelinks?

You can show sub-links when a user searches. These are also called Sitelinks. These display multiple URLs of your website, and make you even more visible.

What is the impact of Sitelinks on SEO?

There is definitely an impact on SEO. Displaying these links makes you more visible. Especially when it comes to paid sitelinks. This is where you have complete control. Then you can be sure they will be shown and will potentially lead to more traffic to your site.

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