One tool that gives you an analysis and immediately knows what to do with it? You can do that with Sitebulb. This tool analyzes and tells you what action to take to improve your SEO and get higher in Google. So you no longer have to translate the analysis into plans yourself. This way you bypass time investment and thinking.

What is Sitebulb?

Sitebulb is a software. The software is available for download for Windows and for Mac. The software allows you to crawl websites. The software analyzes websites. There is a free trial version. This does not require you to enter credit card information. There are two paid versions: Lite and Pro.

How does Sitebulb work?

The Lite is logically cheaper than the Pro. If you pay monthly, you end up spending more than if you choose to pay annually. The Pro version can crawl more URLs per audit. Also, this goes faster. The Lite version gives you fewer tips on issues and cannot compare audits, where the Pro can. There are other differences between the two, but these are the basic ones.

You use Sitebulb by entering a URL and determining what type of crawler you want to use and what data you want analyzed. How long the audit takes varies by site. Below you will see the scores and tips for improving the site.

Impact on SEO

SEO is one of the scores you get from Sitebulb. You’ll see information about links, page speed, structured data and more. You can also see how well or poorly all these things score. With that, you can make immediate adjustments to improve your site in terms of SEO. The priority and type of issue are indicated here. There are issues, potential issues and opportunities. Priority ranges from critical to no issue.

My advice

Sitebulb provides detailed information to improve your online findability, which you can use in a targeted manner. This does not immediately mean that you have to change everything because the software indicates issues. You will have to think a bit yourself whether it is really an issue in practice, or whether it is recognized as an issue by the software for some other reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sitebulb?

Sitebulb is software that allows you to crawl and analyze websites. There is a Lite and Pro version for both Windows and MAC. You can download a free trial version that you can then convert to a paid version if necessary.

How does Sitebulb impact SEO?

Sitebulb gives you several insights, including about SEO. Among other things, you get information about speed, links et cetera, and to what degree they score well or poorly. Based on that, you can in turn make improvements that will benefit your SEO.

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