Putting a company, brand or product in a positive light offers many opportunities: with it, you reach more consumers. Among other things, you have the option of using proposition. What is proposition and how does it differ from positioning? I’ll explain that to you here!

What is proposition?

A proposition is an assertion that may be true or false. It is possible to use this term in various contexts. It is also possible to use this term in the business field: it is a statement intended to convince customers to choose a brand or product. (1)

Proposition: different from positioning

In a business proposition, you describe a brand or product to customers: this is not always easy because not everything can be described in a few words. With a proposition, it is important that there is an element of distinction: the content is broadly correct, but it usually includes a slightly more positive assertion to get a customer excited.

What is the difference between proposition and positioning? Positioning is about all the characteristics, attributes and associations of a brand, linked together to distinguish it from its competitors. Positioning is often the basis of proposition: distorting a brand’s characteristics, attributes and associations into a powerful message toward consumers.

The impact of proposition on SEO

Proposition may have a major impact on the SEO of a website or page. The message is primarily functional and should provide clarity to the customer. A good proposition creates more awareness and online discoverability, especially when you build a strong image as a result. These things affect the search engine optimization of a Web site.

My advice

Getting customers excited and getting them to take action: that is essentially a key goal of a proposition. We recommend drafting a good proposition so that it will help you create more awareness and achieve your desired goal. It may be helpful to use a marketing agency or SEO consultant with extensive experience in creating successful propositions for numerous companies for this purpose.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Proposition?

A proposition refers to that which you say you deliver as a company. It is part of the marketing strategy. Actually, it tells you exactly what customers get when they buy from you. What does the product provide, what are the benefits and how does the product differentiate itself from competing products.

What is the impact of Proposition on SEO?

The impact of proposition on SEO is profound. The stronger it is, the greater your visibility and the greater the amount of traffic to your website. This in turn strengthens the image. This is all will eventually pay off in search result rankings.

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